Home Sweet Motorhome!!


I am six months into my move to another state. I am still elated over a new place and space. What I see excites me and what I experience amazes me daily. I often hear are you homesick? Are you ready to come back? My answer is always the same, no way!! I am exactly where I am suppose to be and that is the gift of assurance that keeps on giving.

What worries me is the alarm that continues to ring in my head and heart. It’s the lean of my body towards something. It’s the call, the beckoning of something that pulls on every fiber within me. I cannot figure it out so, of course, I write about it. Have ever read the book,

“Harold and the Purple Crayon?” It’s a story of a little boy frustrated because his parents send him to bed so he pulls out his purple crayon. He draws a window and climbs out. He draws pictures of everything in front of him that he want to experience. He makes a sidewalk with his crayon and then walks down it. This is how writing feels to me. At times, I write my own scenario and deliverance.

What is the bell, the siren, the internal alarm about. I think I have figured it out. I, like most of us, like finding successful routines of habit that work for us. Systematic, everyday ways of doing things. When our sequence is throw off, we are thrown off. We hurry to put things back in order. Being in a new place forces you to abandon old routines and construct new habits and systems. It’s not easy and can be really frustrating for people who freak out when order is not present. It’s been six months of adaptation. I’m doing my best.

I asked myself today, what is the gravitational pull and bell about? It’s the homing device, I answer. Boom, there it is!! It’s something in you that says, at some point all of this will slow down and you will make it home. Like migratory birds, they fly home to places that some of them have never seen. Here I am with a migratory pull to go home with no home. I bet you didn’t know that forty percent of the world’s birds migrate. Salmon swim upstream, winged wonders fly south for the winter and humans do whatever we do.

When you move, you have to set up a new home. A new norm, a new center, a new lily pad or launching pad. The best visual of this is a person who travels all over the world while living in their motorhome. It’s why I picked this picture. Where is home for the person who travels all over the world but lives in their motor home? Good answer, A person who decides that “HOME IS WHEREVER I AM.”

This is a difficult concept to live out because we are so use to “home” being in a certain house, city or state. I read years ago a statistic that stated, Adults will move at least five times in a lifetime. I guess home will be changing for a bunch of us.

A motorhome supplies you with “all the amenities of home” but with the ability to travel. Your bed, couch, bathroom, kitchen, and refrigerator, are all with you where ever you go. No matter where you travel, you can still be home. How cool is that? I guess I’m just learning how to be at home wherever I am.

I am truly learning to accept this reality that home is where the heart is. Oh yea, and the snacks.


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  1. Excellent! Understanding the process of moving and growing through it is truly the key to creating a new thing.


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