At The Water’s Edge

As I sit at the water’s edge, I have to wonder why we all come here and peer across. As far as the eye can see it’s blue or green. Somehow what is behind us drives us to the edge. It never changes.

Everybody that comes to the edge of this water does the same thing. They come as close as they can and look across in silence. No talking, no loud music, in complete and utter silence. What is really out there? What are they listening for?

In my humble opinion, I am reminded at the shoreline that GOD is in total control. I stand in HIS PRESENCE in awe and appreciation.

Strange how the waves come in and just like that, the direction is reversed. I am so glad GOD doesn’t allow my troubles to devour me.

At the water’s edge, Waves large enough for men to surf on, crash before my feet and retreat inches before me. Does GOD say, “This far and no more?”

Nobody hits a switch at night to turn off the movement of the ocean. The crash of the waves and the stinging sizzle of the water at the end of its journey, can sing this hypnotizing song all night long. Time passes by quickly at the water’s edge.

I think I love the pause in my problems that coming to the water’s edge allows. No escape here, no time travel portal, no magical movie stuff, just sitting, listening, and watching the waves come and go. This is absolutely amazing. I want to invite you to the water’s edge. I think you would enjoy it.

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