Life of a Projectionist

Life of A Projectionist
Let me introduce you to the projectionist. It’s not on the top list of the highest paying jobs in America or the most popular but somebody’s got to do it!! Coming to a theatre near you. Your eyes are the theatre. Come sit in comfy chairs and watch me project in your mind’s screen what I want you to see.


I chased my thoughts this morning. Two things came to my mind. What does the inside of the projection room look like at the movie theater? Second, Is this what people do in painting a facade of themselves for others to see? I also thought about the control rendered to others in what we see. When I go to the movie theatre, I am actually paying for the projected picture.

What I love about this photograph is it’s the actually what an old projector room looks like. It looks nothing like the seated area of those watching the movie. It’s the behind the scenes look.

Somehow I am drawn to this side of life. I think it’s because this is what the personal side of struggle looks like. It is not the air conditioned, pretty, cushioned, comfortable seating side of life but instead the bland, hot, stripped, dry look of the projection room. The work and reality of life is on this side. The other side is what other people see.

You can either spend time in the projection room of life grinding or the comfy theatre seats lounging. Beware, if you lounge too long you will run out of reel and real life!!

Don’t spend your day projecting what you want people to see and think. Instead, just live your life and let them be critics!


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