Getting Comfortable with Crazy!!!

Getting Comfortable with Crazy!!

I guess at some point we are going to have to just get comfortable with people calling us crazy. That’s what they call you when work or study really hard and go above and beyond to achieve something you want. When you work into the wee hours of the morning to figure it out and finish, they call you crazy!!

When you forfeit food, fun, and fellowship, to focus on finding the answers to the questions that keep you awake at night, they call you crazy!!

When instead of being in the streets, you would rather sit at the desk or computer trying to create something spectacular and unheard of, they call you crazy!!

When you would rather spend large amounts of quality time alone to hear and receive instructions from Heaven with clarity, they call you crazy!!

Somehow they don’t know what it takes to win, succeed, overcome, break free, break in, or even break out, but as spectators they declare, you are crazy!!

Why are you training so hard, reading so much, working so long, sacrificing so much? To them you are simply crazy!!

Crazy because it makes no sense to die working, fighting, sweating, and crying for something that you want.

Reality suggest that it just might not come to pass and that’s cool. I will let God handle his business and I will take care of mine. My job is to do the work, be prepared, chase the dream, answer the call, follow the unction, reach for my best!! Every day I should empty the coffers of any and every ounce of effort within me. Actually, you should go bed exhausted because you gave it your all but beware, to some you are just plain crazy.

Wow!! If crazy is the label, then I’m learning to become more and more comfortable with crazy!!

If you ask me, Crazy is the road, the bus, the lifestyle, the train, or the mentality that you must take and have to even scratch the surface of the GREATNESS that lies within or ahead for you.

I tell you what, check the record of all of the Greats!! Somewhere along the way they called them crazy too. I guess crazy people should hang out with crazy people to feel normal. Normal will then be the life that yields great results even on accident.

Maybe the prerequisite to earning the title of GREAT requires that you wear with honor the title, CRAZY. At least until you blow up in a spectacular way!! Then the title is switched from crazy to genius, amazing, and dynamic.

Now everyone who labeled you as CRAZY, will have to admit that maybe they were crazy for not listening and following you.

If you are planning on accomplishing anything worthwhile and noteworthy, get comfortable with being called Crazy.

If I am crazy for writing it, you are crazy for reading it!! See, that ain’t so bad!! It’s happening already!! You are getting accustomed to people calling you crazy.

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  1. Yeah, you crazy! LOL!! Great stuff!

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  2. You don’t sound so “crazy” after all 🙌🏾 This is great and makes so much sense. Keep at it, it’ll all pay off in a MAJOR way. I believe it for you!

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  3. Sonja Bennett-Hall November 1, 2018 — 10:22 pm

    I will say I’m crazy too! Okay, I did admit it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Loveit

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  4. Awesome read

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