The Pictures of a Certain Someone

Into the dark I go. I willing close the computer and out goes all the light in the room. You ever stared at one too many pictures of a certain someone? I know staring is rude but looking away is not the answer. If is was, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. What ever it is that draws you to the pictures seems to force you to want more of the same.

Now, I can’t get that face and those eyes out of my head. A picture etched into my brain. I’m not sure if it’s photographic memory or the light that sears the image there but it’s much too much to turn away from.

You ever look at a certain someone’s pictures and they begin to tell you a story and you listen? Picture after picture, a story line unfolds. A history of life events and the people and places that make up the scenery of a peppered past of good times and a few bad.

You say to yourself, “I could actually be wrong but who cares?” I am the horse and these pictures are the carrot, let’s go. It wouldn’t be the first time that a beautiful liar, cheat, or thief, made my acquaintance.

Every now and then you trust the uncertainty of the outcome of a thing more than your ability to make a thing go the way you want it to. Just coast, just fly, just let it happen and unfold. You’ll find your way home when it ends.

You ever read into a picture of a certain someone? You say to yourself, I know those eyes, those lips, that skin.

You ever magnify the pictures of a certain someone? I think we look for clarity and truth. Is it really what I see? You ever find yourself talking to the pictures of a certain someone? You say things like “Oh no they didn’t or they know exactly what they were doing when they took this picture.” It’s the eyes, it’s always the eyes. They tell a story that words cannot translate.

You ever smile back at the pictures of a certain someone? They smile and laugh and you smile. You love to see them smiling and laughing. You love to see how they love on their family and friends. Selfies are cool but I love the interaction with others of a certain someone. Life experience has taught me to be leery of a person who only takes selfies and never share the camera. This could be a sign. You know life holds some sour day so you are happy to see good days frequent the life of a certain someone.

Be honest, You ever been through almost all the pictures posted of a certain someone? They don’t get old. You can still see the innocence and youth in the smile of a certain someone. Life can be tough so you hope it has not dimmed their inner light or robbed them of hope and a desire to dream. The people, the places traveled, the experiences, the smiles, the confidence, the craziness, it all magnetizes you.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not crazy or mental. Somehow it’s just something about this certain someone that resonates, wakes up, gives life to the inner me.

You don’t have to tell me. It can remain your secret. I’m just talking about the pictures of certain someone.

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