True Love Has No Reverse? What Do You Think?

Love is still the number one talked and sang about subject to date. The crazy thing about love is after you get done discussing it, there is still more to talk about. It’s content is inexhaustible. You will wear out and run out of explanation long before Love will. After you have done all you can to speak of Love and after the smoke has cleared, Love will still be standing.

Have you ever experienced true love? Have you ever tried to love and attempt to cease loving someone all together? It’s like a moving car with no brakes. You can’t stop!! With the pedal to the floor and all of your weight pressing down upon it, it will not stop. I don’t think you can put true love in reverse.

When you choose to open up the floodgates I’d love to shower down upon someone, I don’t think you can instantly engage a shutoff valve for Love to cease instantly. How do you know? I’ve tried.

Even if a person has rendered themselves unworthy of a single drop more of your Love, the difficulty lies in the fact that there is no reverse and not in their deserving.

This poses a question then in my mind. If there is no reverse in true love, how do I stop loving? You don’t. I think you have to direct your love elsewhere or simply love from a distance. I could be very wrong about this idea or I could be right.

I would love for others to weight in on this subject. Rest assure that when we are done, there will still be more left to say. What do you think?

Can you put TRUE LOVE in reverse?


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  1. In my experience, if its someone undeserving of my love I can cut it clean off. It may not reverse— but no more love will be given! Lol

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