Setting Sail to Discover Your America

Who in their right mind would be courageous, discontent and inquisitive enough to get in a boat aimed at nothing, in search of an America that no one has ever heard of or seen? How do you pack? How much food do you bring? How far do you sail and see nothing, before you turn around and go back or risk death? How many outfits do you carry in tow?

We all have heard of Christopher Columbus discovering America but if you dock the boat on a shore and someone is there to greet you, this is not discovery but a new vacation site. You are guest not the finder. Nevertheless, this is a fine place for me to jump in, tread water and hopefully cause a wave of thought.

I wonder what others thought about Chris? He is crazy, a thrill seeker, and attention hound. All this land and he wants to take a ship and sail to only God knows where? I really don’t know the intimate details or what confrontational dialogue that went on in opposition or for Chris and the crew but I’m sure it was a something to see and hear.

You going where? To find what? It’s one thing to go by yourself but you want a crew to accompany you?

I looked for the picture that would help me paint this idea. You have to set sail for your America. Just like Chris, you are going to have to undock your life of safety and comfort and set sail for your America. Somebody said, Boats are not built for docks but for sailing.

Friends, Mapquest, not GPS will be of any service to you. You are going to have to follow that internal compass built within you. Don’t worry, when you get out of satellite range and your man made devices fail, you are and will always be within God’s safety and signal.

I have to tell you, it’s not a twelve passenger crew on board to raise the sail, shift the hoist, or flip the buoy starboard side, but in my opinion it’s a one man inflatable raft. Of course, you can clearly tell that I know nothing about marine language but it sounded convincing right?

You are on your own baby!! It’s just you and the sea of life. What I am trying to say is, You have an America to discover!!

That calling, don’t you hear it? That pull, don’t you feel it? As you look across the ocean of life, don’t you wonder? What’s out there?

Well maybe not. If not, and you feel comfortable and in absolute peace as you swat mosquitos and listen to crickets under the docks, please stuff this message back into that bottle that you pulled it out from, cork it and throw it back into the sea. Hopefully, it will find the right person unafraid to set sail for their America.


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  1. It’s always a brave jester to set sail for the unknown. I would just add strengthening that internal compass before making that leap!

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  2. Yes Matey!!! Only bring the willing!!! They may question but they will follow!! JUST GO!!!

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