Seek Starfish Quality

One interesting discovery I have made is concerning the life of a Starfish. It’s shape is publicly that of a STAR. Everybody wants to be a STAR. What amazed me was that the starfish has the ability to break off one of it’s arms(rays) and grow a brand new starfish!! Who knew?

Intentional breaking is what comes to mind. Once a person becomes a STAR, it’s all they ever wanted to be and they will more than likely seek to remain that. The real noble challenge is being able to continue breaking one’s self for the purpose of evolution and expansion.

It is right then to continue placing ourselves in situations and places that FORCE US to start again with a disadvantage.

Don’t seek STAR quality, rather seek STARFISH Quality!!


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  1. So with each break, loss, and or stumbling block is the opportunity to rebuild?

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