Take a gander. You see how they looked when you walked in? Don’t mess things up!! What do you see? I see neat and organized apples that someone has taken the time to organize. What a pretty picture. Well, what a pretty picture at first glance. It looks like all the apples are happy and in their perspective places and when that happens, you get this look of uniformity.

I ran across an old idiom that got my attention. It said, one apple can upset the entire Apple cart. One apple pulled out of order could result in a floor of apples. There is an order that is suggested. If one apple is out of order, you could mess up the whole cart, and who would want to do that?

You mean to tell me that apples are arranged in a specific order for you to choose?

What if this is not the Apple I want? We live in a world that suggest that you just fit in and not upset the Apple cart. I’m simply saying, “Live your life and don’t worry about what others have to say!!! If they don’t like it, they can kiss your applesauce and grits!!!


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  1. Good stuff! Like the ending. LOL!

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