Can Lightning Strike Twice In The Same Place?

Can lighting strike twice in the same place? I’ve heard this question all of my life. I clearly remember thunder and lighting storms back in my home town of Gary Indiana. It may sound crazy but we loved the rain as children. Everything stopped and we were made to come inside, quickly find a seat and be still.

I remember sitting in our garage and we watched God water and give the world a shower. Rain washed everything and watered every tree, plant, and every yard. It is still amazing how some folks can water and fertilize their grass daily but it was never as green and the grass God waters. The tallest trees are the ones God planted and continues to care for. One good rain can do more for this world than the most sophisticated and elaborate man-made sprinkler system ever made. God’s got it like that!!

While under shelter, you can hear the sound of the rain hitting everything. We would go out and watch the rain drops wash the streets and race towards a nearby drain, as of there was a competition to see who would make it in first. Splashing in puddles are still a great time. I remember taking Skye out in rain gear and umbrella in tow just to feel it. That is what rain gear is for, adult fun!! She got her pants wet and looked back at me as if she was in trouble. I was like, “Splash In it, we have a washer.” Maybe some uptight, stuff, stressed person reading this blog needs to just go splash in some rain water and purposely wet your clothes up. You might be a better person. This is my Wilford Hallmark card line, “What the world needs is more singing and playing in the rain days for adults.”

As I digress. Evidently, I must be due for a rain day. It took entirely too long to get where I am suppose to be in this blog. Strangely enough, you are mentally in the rain too right?

Lighting doesn’t strike twice in the same place. It’s what people say to encourage those who have experienced some tough stuff. Lighting rarely strikes twice in the same place. In hopes of trying to convince them that it was an isolated event that occurred, people say, It’s over, “Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.” Sounds good but not always true.

In a brief study, I found out that most storms are moving and this may be a real reason why twice is seldom heard of, but not impossible.

Another fun fact is, Lightening not only can strike more that once in the same place, but when striking, it does so in more that one place at a time.

If God has been good to you and you want to know if He will do it again, I want to tell you, that He can strike more than once. You don’t have to be jealous of others because HE CAN STRIKE IN MULTIPLE PLACES AT THE SAME TIME as well. I feel a Sunday sermon brewing.

Actually, it’s kinda what real preachers experience. When God touches and delivers a WORD to the preacher, it feels like they have been struck by the lighting bolt. Real preaching is like being struck weekly. Especially those who stands out in the open field of prayer waiting for His presence daily!!

Let me tell you in my “old man from the rocking chair voice,” maybe this is why we were told to sit down somewhere. Not because the angels were bowling, but because we can learn something from the rain, thundering, and lightning.

Rain, rain, go away? Naw, bring it on, I love the light show!!! Infuse me with your power!!!

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