What Are Sweet Dreams Made Of?

I wondered and so I wrote and asked. If I said to you,” I wish you sweet dreams,” What would life look like on the opposite side of your eyelids? Would be filled with color and light? Where would you go? What would you do? Would you go by yourself or would you take someone else with you?

Would you have flying capabilities or some other super power? What would you wear? Would it be a trip to some deserted island? Would you be royalty if some sort?

If I could grant you, “SWEET DREAMS,” on tonight, I wonder would it just be pitch black and quiet?

Wait, Will your sweet dreams with someone other than the one you are with? Maybe we ought to say, “Sweet dreams with me in mind!!”

Have you ever been deep inside a Sweet Dream and something woke you up out of it? Have you ever tried to get back in bed and attempt to get back into the middle of your Sweet Dream? Why is it that we can’t get back inside our Sweet Dream? I wonder?

I saw this picture and I loved the color and idea of what a Sweet Dream might look and feel like.

Good night and Sweet Dreams!!

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