I never was the smartest, but never the dumbest. I was never the cutest but never the ugliest. I’M DIFFERENT

I was never the best, but I was never the worst. I was never labeled a genius, but never illiterate. I’M DIFFERENT

At some point, I figured out that I was cut a little Different. I didn’t quite see things like everybody else. I didn’t quite feel like everybody else. I didn’t think like everybody else. I didn’t hear like everybody else. If instructions were given in black and white, I was seeing in color. If the assignment was to color the bear and stay inside the lines, I didn’t see the lines and could see no reason why the bear couldn’t have accessories. Why should the bear be brown and bland? Hook him up with a hat, shoes, sitting in a car, and a road leading off this paper. Set Barry the Bear free!!

I can hear the fearful critics saying, “Here he goes being a rebel, a heretic, and a deserter from the norm.” Why can’t you just be like everybody else? Why can’t you just stay in the line and BE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE? Bottom line? I can’t.

When we get the same opportunities, same blessings, same mistreatment, same abuse, same heartache, same tears, then I will be the same. I notice, people only want you to conform and be uniform when it fits their agenda. So why are they so upset? Why does the world attack out of the box thinkers? I think it’s because they can’t be managed or controlled. You can look us up in a four by four and we will Be traveling all over the world. Put us in absolute darkness and you will have given us exactly what we want!! A black canvas on which to create!! You know why? Because You are DIFFERENT.

We are taught in school, beat at home, talked about in public, ostracized at work, and even looked down upon at church for being authentic.

DISCLAIMER: There is a time for uniformity, discipline, team colors, and unity. There is a time for following orders to the letter. At certain times, instructions must be followed to the letter or people die. You must follow rules for order sake. This is not what I am alluding to.

I am talking about embracing the authentic, creative you in all your splendor. I truly believe we should all operate within the confines of what God has created us to be. The older I get, the more I am understanding that some have become professional spin doctors on even truth to make it fit their story and advancement.

I can hear someone saying, “Why can’t you just shut up and be a good ole’ little preacher with the tattered bible, faded black suit, little house and the rusted Datsun B-210?” Sorry, but GOD called me cut this way!! Just preach inside the lines Wilford!! It’s simple, Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den period!! I’m thinking, how about I tell the story from the hungry lion’s point of view? I’m hungry and praying to the lion god and in drops a Daniel sandwich from Subway, courtesy of the original Uber eats. “That is so ungodly,” some would say. I can no longer deny what my eyes see and my ears hears!!

I’M DIFFERENT but not better. I think it’s worth reiterating. You don’t get special rights and privileges because you are DIFFERENT. You don’t need legislation, a vote from Congress, or whatever to let you be DIFFERENT. The trouble is there to help you authenticate who you really are. Enough harassment will make a sane man abandon his dreams but he who knows himself will persevere through it all. That was a quote from the book of Will. It’s all I got.

I know I’m weird. Oops, I mean different!! Most people find solace reciting quotes from Great men of the past. I’m using my own pain and lessons learned to develop my own quotes.

I hope I’ve made my point. BE DIFFERENT. It may be the ONLY peace you have in this “Bland, shut up and stand in the line behind us, unless your being different make us money,”world!!

I wrote this while walking 4 miles on a treadmill at 5am. I am such a weirdo! I’m just glad I have company!

Be DIFFERENT or stand with the majority. If numbers really count to you, then you probably want to stick with the crew!!!

Nobody can love you FULLY until you love yourself the same said way!!


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  1. It takes courage to be different, you are courageous I must say!


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