Naughty By Nature?

Naughty By Nature?

You ever have a naughty day? I hate to call it that because that sounds bad and I’m not talking about acting out per se. I already know this is taboo with some and can be simply explained away by attaching a label to it, but for the sake of discussing it, let’s discuss it. Even labeling it doesn’t even fix but I’m not really asking for the cure as much as I am investigating the reality of it. You ever have a day you feel like low key cutting up? Crossing the line? Bordering the edge? Navigating just a tad bit beyond the limit line? Wading over to the deep end of the pool? You ever woke up feeling yourself?

Let’s see. You have met yourself in the mirror many a mornings and you have had several days that you really were not impressed but on this day in particular you saw your mojo in full technicolor splendor? It was a warm comforting feeling coupled with confidence and self love. What makes it worse is, if it were aerosol, you have a desire to spray a light mist on some unassuming bystander. At times we open up and fan out the peacock feathers for attention and validation but this day is different. You are not confused or in need of anything. It feels more like an overflow of me’ism and you want to generously share the wealth.

Conservative and polished is your daily norm and you know and we’re raised on all the rules, but today you feel like pushing the envelope. I’m warm just thinking about this. My envelope pushing desire has awakened.

You know the statue of limitations on all neckline apparel. Save the speech Granny. We know the rules so stop saying that. You could wear the turtleneck but today you feel warm and the v-neck really accents my internal ensemble of sexiness. The dance of my fits match perfectly the music serenading the internal me. I have a whole concert going on inside of me but no one can hear it but me. You not trying to get attention nor are you trying to be a nudist. You simply want to air your “good feeling.” You truly are not looking for or soliciting any response, you are doing it strictly for you. Wondering eyes just get to enjoy how I’m feeling.

You know the feeling because you shower, dry off, and lotion up different. (I am wandering into deep waters but what the hell.) Your breathing is different and if your feel good music is playing, generous is the label that your skin dubs you as you hit the bottom of the bottom to get the good stuff out and give. You have enough lotion on your hands to lotion the whole family but today it all about you. You pick your clothes different. Some days you give the world stiff professional Pat or Laundry Bag Barb, but on today, it’s a different kind a party. Rather it’s the lips, the hips, the legs, the shoulder,the neckline, the ankle or them manicured oiled up toes, they gonna get it today rather they want it or not. Your toes, straight saturated, look like you soaked them in Johnson’s baby oil and coconut oil from Jamaica, all last night.

It’s the way your dress. Just look at how you look at you in the mirror? I ain’t looking through the window but I can tell by how your are reading this. Bey and Halle ain’t got nothing on this one right here!!! You spraying body mist like gold and you swimming in it. You saying out loud, but to yourself, ”They gone know today!!” A teacher asked a student, “What are you drawing young lady?” She said, God. He said, “Nobody knows what God looks like!! She said, “They will in a minute!!” See that’s you on naughty day. You high stepping to your car like you are a hired Essence Model!! I see you!! Riding in your car, shades on, feeling amazing with your music on blast!! Men are the same way. We know what they clap for. So we accentuate the obvious on naughty day and act like we don’t know it. We may not want to attention but just the recognition.

Head turning we don’t see because we ain’t looking back but we know you smell the aroma of our presence because we dabbed a bit on the shoulder to smack your with on the flyby!! My exit is just as “Whoa” as my entrance. Shouldn’t it be? I shouldn’t be sharing some of this but to some it will not register anyway. The greatest compliment on naughty day can come in a series of different responses. Sounds will be heard like Whoa, dang, would you lookahere, my my my, and Omg. Every now and then someone will be so overwhelmed with the “can’t help it’s” and have to step to you with the compliment. Please take it, say thank you, smile, and keep it moving!! It ain’t about them it’s about you.

This feeling don’t last forever so don’t let it get you in trouble. Ride the wave and enjoy the self love, the sunshine, and the love from others. Like Cinderella, the clock strikes twelve and you will back at work with the tired slips on and Levi’s, two hair combs and in need of an spot. It’s cool though because when I’m feeling me and want to be naughty, I’m doing me!!


Ps if you can’t manage Naughty Day, stay locked up in the house like the werewolf until the storm passes!!

I love you


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