Living Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Living Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I’m thinking, surely you must not know my dreams and to suggest something beyond my wildest dreams is kinda risky and scary for me and for rest of Earth. You ever thought about LIVING BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS? You can’t just say stuff like that to me. It opens me up to thinking that operates on levels of not tax brackets but dimensional stuff. It requires fuel that exceeds that needed for even the Flux capacitor under the hood of a DeLorean. You talking about Back to the Future? Let’s do this!! We’re talking about an exuberant amount of Gigawatts here baby!! Too hot to handle, too cold to hold is what I’m thinking. Can you handle LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS? You have to be able to hold and handle dreams beyond your extreme stuff. You can just want it. Can you handle it if it showed up? Would you attempt to shrink it down to a size manageable for you? I mean, You can purchase car that exceeds speeds of 180mph, but can you handle that? Can you hold it in the road? Will you even test its power or will you operate it only at the legal speed limit? Will you stretch it out on the highway or will you stay within the safe city limits?

I can see if the statement said, according to, close to, similar to, or just like your WILDEST DREAMS but he said BEYOND. Beyond MY WILDEST dreams? Let’s break that BEYOND thing down a tad bit shall we? By example, My drink limit was once three drinks and still remains if I were to test it. Anything before that, you can pretty much ensure that I am good and chilled, but the word,”BEYOND,” like beyond three drinks, shifts things from a quiet night listening to Lionel Richie,”Hello,” into the extended version of the 69 Boys,”Tootsee Roll,” followed by Planet Rock on 13 inch wax and my abs are ready, willing, and up for the challenge. How low can one go is not up for question or at least not by the time I get finished. Thank God for salvation. Stay focused, BEYOND is the term being discussed.

Beyond your WILDEST DREAMS you say?

WILD is one thing but WILDEST takes it to an even greater extreme. It’s sort of like saying the flavor is HOT!! THE HOTTEST out performs Hot every time!! WILDEST coupled with the word BEYOND, is a mosh pit of “what in the world is going on and what just happened!!” Maybe that’s what LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS constitutes. It’s MIND BLOWING and what would be wrong with having your mind blown away!!

Truthfully, Wild does not have to mean corrupt or wicked. It doesn’t have to be death defying and life threatening. It could mean beyond your expectations,

desires, and wishes. Which brings up my next question, what are you hoping, dreaming, and wishing for? What does living beyond your wildest dreams look and feel like to you?

What’s sad is some have dismissed the idea already. It’s too over the top, too extravagant, too extra!! They couldn’t fathom living a life so above and beyond. Some simply find safety in running with the crowd governed by that which is considered AVERAGE.

Maybe you envision LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS as riotous, ungodly,

carrying on and living on the edge of life teetering between this world and the next? I’m not sure what you imagine when you hear these words. You really should share. I would like to know? It’s important how you define things and how you see them. One Great theologian said,”People can never live about their DEFINITION of a thing. How you define it means everything.

What I love about the statement, “Living Beyond Your Wildest Dreams,” is it pulls back the curtains of potential and possibilities on an otherwise humdrum, predictable life. It speaks of what could be. To be clear, the statement, LIVING BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, will either pass right by you with no effect at all or it will resonate loudly with that which lives within you.


If by chance this seems beyond your reach morally and it seems to far fetched to consider it with a spiritual walk like yours, let me offer some scattered examples of LIVING BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!

This fraternity of people have been know to walk on water, defeat giants, feed thousands, make ax heads float, change water into wine, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, split seas, and even navigate deserts without food or water. I don’t know about you but that seems a bit like LIVING LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!

I know GOD to be a Mind blower!!!

I love you



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  1. theycalledherjonesy June 11, 2020 — 10:46 am

    Magnificent! I feel that I am getting started living beyond my wildest dreams. It takes time and it takes the confidence and the belief that you can. Once you get past those obstacles it’s there for the taking.

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