Let’s Run Up The Coast!!

Let’s Run Up the Coast!!

It was spontaneous but always desired. A trip up the coast. Not even sure whose idea it was and it don’t even matter. What’s good to know is, Great minds think alike. What’s sweeter is Great hearts love alike. Let’s do it, is the consensus. She’s a planner and I know it but trust in her man calls her heart to be at peace when he moves post haste, at once, and unannounced. Spontaneity at its best and moving like poetry in motion. There is nothing like being in tune and in harmony with the one you love. The logistics all fall into place as if it was planned out from the very beginning. Things like fuel, navigation, sunglasses, snacks, and a light jacket just in case it gets chilly. What ever we don’t have, we will figure it out.

Just like that we’re off. This feels more like sailing than driving. Our transportation has transformed into a full fledged state of the art Sailboat. We have set the sails for every beach town between here and San Francisco. Sometimes the beauty of the trip is not being able to answer the back seat driver questions. Where are we going? How long does it take to get there? Are we gonna stop at some point? Its why this sailboat is chartered for two. The only thing in our back seat is a cooler, snacks, a blanket, two chairs and everything and everybody we left behind. Ain’t nothing like Maze serenading this ship as we ride and groove. I drop the seat back a half an inch more just to insure that my chill is in effect. The sun is in a perfect position, it’s above us and not in front of us. We feel like the children of Israel in the desert. The sun is guiding us to good smells, good food, good people, good sounds and a great time. I peek over and she has her shades on as well. We got to be the flyest couple on earth or at least that’s what I’m thinking. Really that’s all that matters.

The windows are slightly cracked to absorb the cool Pacific coast breeze. Her hair is carelessly blowing in the breeze and she is bobbing her head to the music. It’s the internal conversation that you have with yourself when you glance over at your lover that gets you. Dang, she is fine. My right eye takes inspection as my left commands this vessel, Sun on her skin, breeze in her hair, gloss on her lips and peace is in this girl’s heart. You never know what a person has to deal with on an everyday basis. It’s good to be somebody’s peace and calm instead of their problem and pain. I aim to bless her beyond her wildest dreams.

I notice when we set sail when share small talk. Light hearted subjects we purposely pick. Humor and love is the mood we both set and enjoy. We take turns intently listening to one another’s input. I love to stare into her eyes as she creatively paints the picture that she wants me to see. I look for it as well. I make love to her with my eyes so hard that it interrupts her mid-sentence. She is forced to stop and ask me, “Why are you looking at me like that?” Bro, your Girl loves when you adore her!! Goons hawk all day but you should ADORE THE VERY BREATH SHE BREATHS!! It’s a deep, loving, attentive stare. I’m so into her eyes that she can’t even finish the sentence. She is forced to render me exactly what I want, a kiss. She leans over the arm rest into oncoming traffic and willfully surrenders what she feels I deserve and to possibly regain some control. “He just eye loved me”, she’s thinking. I’m sayiNg to myself, Yes I am!! She grabs my face lightly to aim the passion of her kiss onto my lips but straight down to my soul. It’s about to go down!!

I know the play so I meet her more than half way and kiss her like I need her breath to live. Rewind: I kiss her like I need her breath to breath. I almost draw her soul from within her and now she wants to play for keeps. Rookies assume the kiss is most powerful when going in, but real lovers know your exit is just as important, so I keep my eyes glued into hers as she falls back. I eye mail her a message that I ain’t playing!!

We are both are mumbling curse words under our breath at the same time. As she melts back on her side of the car, she intertwines her fingers with mine as we share the armrest and we both look forward out the front windshield at the same time. I play it off and reach for my beverage to soothe and quench my undying thirst created by Ms.”You make me sick you so fine,”and to diffuse the savage beast within me that desires to pull off-road into Chuck and Paula’s ceramics, Indian moccasins and Barbecue motel and have a discussion.

The Lone Ranger ain’t dead is what I’m thinking but I know she’s got an arsenal and would not go down without an all out war. No need tearing up this good, wholesome, Mom and Pop shop of nick-nacks and beds. Biggie would have said, “Why blow up third spot because…nevermind!!

We keep driving and change the subject and act like the last five miles didn’t just happen. I’m just concerned because as I pay attention to the road I’m wondering who has been driving the last five miles…..what in the world?

As we get closer to the beach city limits the traffic slows and cars move at a snail’s pace. We drop the windows to take in the view and the feel. The movement of people all in summer gear, hats, restaurants, and exotic cars, are everywhere. This is where the movie stars and rich folk come to play. Why do they think we are here? We are they!!

We pull into a beach bar with an ocean view and it’s in and poppin!! My girl moves through the crowd like she owns the place. She’s at the bar ordering and looking back at me like she wanna get to know me. I’m feeling like I was born with suntan lotion on. I smell like I sweat coconut oil and chocolate. We are in here like somebody ordered chocolate on their Sunday and we are here to do the honors!!

I’m really hoping that the Dj don’t get antsy and play some Snoop because I’m feeling myself and don’t nobody know me!! All of us can dance a little but we all have our special move!! I would hate to unleash Hellfire on this crowd of innocent and unassuming beachgoers. You see what happens when me and my Girl run up the coast? Check the score, Spontaneity 1, Planner 0.

You better find you one to ride with!!

Love ya!!



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  1. theycalledherjonesy June 11, 2020 — 10:50 am

    Mannnnnnnnnn that was deep! Lol. I could have sworn I was riding shotgun and getting those eye stares but that’s what good story telling does. It pulls you in. I’ll be waiting for part 2

    Liked by 1 person

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