Hitting the Buffer or Skids!!

I never really knew what this was called until I did a little research. “Hitting the Buffer,” is the contraption build to stop a train at the end of a set of railroad tracks.

Believe it or not train tracks are not perpetual. They don’t run on forever. The locomotive can run forever as long as it has coal or fuel but it can only go as far as the tracks extend. The tracks may run out long before the train’s engine gives up and quit. No matter how smooth and stretched out the ride is, the truth is the ride will come to end at some point. They call it the “End of the line.” Regardless of what direction you are going in, north, south, east, or west, the tracks come to an end. No set of tracks is forever. If I think of it in terms of years, I have traveled on 53 years of tracks and never repeated a track. I have more track behind me than I have before me. Trains move in one direction down a lengthy lay of tracks but come to an end and come back in the opposite direction.

Your life is like a locomotive and the track is actually the time you have left in service. You have already traveled a great distance and consumed a large amount of track. You can’t stop the train, back up and start over. There is no reverse. We should be grateful for that which God has given us. Please stop wasting track!!

You can be the strongest, healthiest train on the track but if there is no track left, you will derail. Some trains are fast, massive, powerful and pull a long line of cars connected. Others are solo, small, slow, and silent. We all can only operate on the track given. “Hitting the buffer or the skids” is God’s way of bringing our journey to a close.

What a life it would be if God allowed us to travel on smooth tracks all of our lives only to get to the end and snatch the tracks from under us? We would embarrassingly burrow into a sand heap or ride off a cliff to our fiery death. He allows us to decrease our speed on the tracks of life and bring our trains to a final halt with dignity. Why go out in a ball of smoke and flames, when we can go out with dignity by “hitting the buffer?”

Enjoy the ride


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