Looking, Not Looking!!

She said, “I love that you watch me like that.” I love watching you put that masterpiece together. When you hear the words, “I am going to be cute today,” watch out because the show is about to begin. From start to finish, I watch her strategically and lovingly don the best version of herself right before my eyes. He who impatiently rushes this process and angrily paces the floor downstairs, actually misses the entire show. I don’t care where you all are going, the best part is the preparation. It gives you an even greater appreciation for the finished work that comes down the stairs. There is no Broadway production on Earth greater and or more elaborate in the history of mankind, than watching your woman lovingly prepare herself to look good for herself and you.

I almost feel like a peeping Tom because I’m watching the whole thing play out but acting as if what is going on on that side of the room is of no concern of mine. I’m looking but not looking. As I think about it, my prep game ain’t as interesting or theatrical. I’m getting ready too but it just ain’t the same. Mine doesn’t involve a soundtrack or nothing. Maybe some of the mystic is stolen because every five minutes I’m asking for the whereabouts of everything I’m going to where. You seen my other sock? Where is my black belt? Which shoes should I wear? What a killjoy….She can’t watch because she has to participate. Sorry about that.

Her show is totally opposite. When have your ever heard a woman say, “Babe have you seen my brazier and my diamond earrings? No, they always know where their items are. If by chance he knows where it is, end this reading and seek serious help. Shall I continue?

She has her music bumping so leave her alone. I’m watching the whole thing play out. She’s in the closet hunting for treasures to wear. Don’t interrupt!! Any questions that she might ask you are totally rhetorical. Just say huh and Un-huh!! She is physically matching her mental reality with her visual expectation. She showers and it smells amazing. Hot water, body wash, and an angelic host singing is what it sounds like in there. The shower water sound, splashing, and joy is all I hear. Colored lights flashing and rejuvenation is what I witness from afar. I make up a reason to go in there just to see and it is really different. I am jealous because my shower moment is not as eventful, unless I am overcome by a vicious head game of I wish you was in here. Other than that it’s me, a bar of soap, a towel and a disrespectful shower head that dams up the Niagara fall that was once flowing when she was in here. Now it’s a tepid trickle and a winter wind blowing from some where. My sandy soap doesn’t even suds up like hers. Her shower looks like foam and bubbles are pouring over the top of the shower wall!! She ain’t even standing in the shower. She is sitting on a bed of bouncing bubbles. My wash rag feels depressed and unconcerned. My soap suds are evidently on some type of strike and I didn’t get the freaking fax. A thousand hot male masseuse hands vibrating on her skin is what she feels in the shower beading down upon her. I’m had to take a shower with my hairy back Aunt and she smokes. Guess who get the scrub brush for her back? Let’s not talk about it.

(I don’t know how we get so sidetracked. Stay focused!!

The show, ok!!

She towel dries and lays the softest skin care on her skin with love and patience. She doesn’t miss a spot because I’m watching to see. This is when I seek to offer the back trick. You need me to do your back boo? I jump at the chance to dance in the fragrance. I bet they have some of this in the bathrooms in heaven is what I’m thinking. I don’t know why I’m breathing so deep putting this lotion on because this ain’t about to go down no way. My caveman still exist and I must try.

She dismisses me but I don’t go far away because love won’t let me look away. Plus she seems to be dressing way to fast. You just got out. What’s the rush? We got time don’t we? I mean from the nails to the toes, the shoes and the clothes, just sexy. She even sits sexy. How do you swish mouthwash sexy? I don’t know but I’ve watched this. If your woman walks through the house with one heel on and the other off, you got problems that I cannot discuss in this memoir. Sexy is what real women do without paying attention. The drill is the same with me, deodorant, pants, shoes, and shirt, let’s go. Boring, boring, boring!!

I love watching her. I understand why lesbians love women. They are just so doggone fine. Several years ago, I understood when I sat on a stool next to a big husky tatted up lady and we shared generously in our earnings as a form of encouragement for the modern dance displayed that night. We were both lovers of the arts. In that moment, we were in unison. I understand.

But mine is extraordinarily gorgeous. I can’t help but think and say to myself, A person that loves on themselves that much m, and with that much care, has the capacity to love on me just like that!! If they are not totally selfish and self centered, they desire for you to look and feel as good as they do. You will reap it if you faint not!!

I heard her when she said it, “I’m gonna be cute tonight!!” I believe it and I love watching it happen. Clothes and makeup never make a beautiful person. It only enhances what was already there baby Bubba!! I know it takes a minute but I swear it’s worth the wait. I act like I ain’t looking but I am. I’m looking not looking!!

Love ya


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