Beautifully Unapproachable

Beautifully Unapproachable

Man O man, I have heard this too many times. This subject of being unapproachable. There are so many angles and approaches to this subject. Is it someone’s observation or someone’s posture? Is it formulated by the observer’s insecurities and fears or is it actually the intended end of the one called unapproachable?

I have concluded that some people looked unapproachable and some people have said the same thing about me. You look mean, you look like you don’t want to be bothered, you look angry. Wow!!

I think this has to relative to the person who makes the observation. I have never woke up and decided to be unapproachable purposely. I have been preoccupied and I have had days that I wished to be unbothered and uninterrupted but never out right unapproachable.

This is a women’s issue mostly, I think. Men have made this statement about women far more than vice versa.

I guess the question would be, “What body language or what gestures signal that a person is unapproachable?

I understand some women who present the “unapproachable face,” to ward off riffraff and flirty passes from unlikely subjects. (That is the correct spelling.) For safety reasons, I understand the “Unapproachable disposition.”

When a person has observed enough to know they are not interested prior to any words being spoken, will probably offer up the “unapproachable look.”

It’s tough when a person seeks to display a pleasant, friendly disposition but yet gets unfairly painted with the brush of unapproachability. This is why I started by saying, maybe it’s inside the mind of the person who draws the conclusion?

I need some feedback on this one!! What do you think? Excuse me, are you Unapproachable?

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  1. theycalledherjonesy June 24, 2020 — 11:37 am

    Without leaving a novel, I have heard this so many times from men. I look stuck up or I look amazingly mean. Far from it. I know about this all too well

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  2. There are some things one may not be aware of about themselves. I read in a class I took about a rested face and what does mine look like. I discovered that my rested face was hard and mean. So I started practicing to have more of a pleasant resting face that will not turn others away when that’s not how I’m feeling.
    Yes, I do agree that it is the opinion on tge observer based on their history or learnings.

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