Break Up, Make Up, Shake Up?

Nobody likes to Breakup but everybody loves to make up. It is evident that we have arrived at a crossroad in thought, lifestyle, or decision that requires us to part ways. We can’t go east and west. We can’t travel north and south. We refuse to go southeast and southwest, so to hell with it. One of us will rustle up our things and mosey off into the sunset. Parting words, speeches, looks, and mean gestures all play out as a part of the exit scene in this bad production. When the door slams, we both make our declarations of finality and good riddance!! Don’t look that word up, it might make you mad. It has the word “rid” in it. To know that you think you are getting rid of me, is like a stickabug in my craw, so I drag my feet and prolong my exit. Whatever you do, Never say, “Good riddance!” Slam goes the door. Who doesn’t slam the door. It’s like the final note in a musical composition. 🎶“And the home of the “SLAM!!”🎶

The breakup is emotional, exhausting, and frustrating, plus we uttered a few bone chilling deal breakers on the way out.

Then there is that quiet moment… know the quiet moment. The moment when they are no longer there. You have not excused the ignorance, but something seems to supersede my anger and frustration. All this time, energy, and effort I have put into this and now nothing? What is this that seems to bubble to the top of my thoughts even when I am purposely trying my best to keep these thoughts at bay?

A stupid misunderstanding, an unfounded accusation, a dumb assumption, a selfish statement, it’s always small and trite.

It’s crazy when the emotion subsided and you both are in two different places. Now we have to figure out how do we bend this thing back into place? Somebody has to make the first move. Somebody has to be the bigger person and do something. I never forget a breakup where my fresh breakup partner called and asked if I called her. Really? Naw I ain’t called you.

How offsetting is that? We all have used some disconnected act, question, or inquiry to get the negotiation motor back running. You coming back over? Now? It’s really late. I’ll just see you tomorrow, which really means I’m on my way.

I walk back in with all my stuff acting like a have a attitude. My face has a frown but I am so glad to be back. We hug, kiss, smile and embrace with so much emotion. During the collision of kisses, a muffled,”I’m sorry” slurs from our lips. We have other ways of making up that require an arena better than this doorway. They call it makeup stuff.. makeup kiss, hug, tacos, shower, talk, and my favorite makeup and payback huddle, followed by makeup glass of water and turn on the makeup fan.

Now we are both on our sides of the makeup bed and resting on our own make up pillows, looking up to the make up ceiling, chatting to a warm makeup light from the makeup flat screen. Let’s get some makeup sleep..

If that much emotion is packed into a falling out but always guarantees a “Mexican standoff with fireworks kinda” rendezvous at the Ok Corral, I see why some start brawls.

I would rather use that energy a bit more constructively. Let’s battle over Uno, Spades, or Keno.

Ain’t nothing WORSE than breaking up but ain’t BETTER than making up either!!

Love ya



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  1. So so true😧 I kid you not I was talking about this with a friend on Tuesday the 23rd. I told her “I do not practice break up to make up,” because it hurt and takes too much wasted energy. I pride myself on communications and accepting the differences. I am one that practices “Don’t let the Sun go down on YOUR wrath.” However, I believe it is worth the time and energy to understand than to be understood (Less Brown). Aiming to please God in all aspects of our lives will mold us into the person He wants us to be and we will be mature wise in our actions. Sticks and stones will heal but Words will leave a scar that will be placed in our memory bank.

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  2. theycalledherjonesy June 25, 2020 — 8:40 am

    Breaking up, man that takes me back. At this age I like to call it a parting of the ways. See ya when I see ya type vibe. Lol. But like you said that make up, is something kinda amazing.

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