Hello 3

Hello 3

It’s been a minute since I’ve been in this space and time. It’s my tape player’s pause. I was just saying to myself yesterday morning walking, “You gonna have to slow this all the way back down to a snail’s pace.” Why continue running at a pace that completely exhaust you plus you never catch? You’re chasing life. Window seat? Sometimes you feel like you’re running behind the bus. Even when you catch up to it and the driver opens the door, you can’t ride because you can’t pay the fare. Why chase a bus you can’t ride?

J. Cole, Kanye, and Kendrick made the cut this morning as I sat in the tape room of Instagram. When someone knocks, the only way humility will answer the door of your mansion is by you being true to yourself on your journey. Authentically themselves. I love that. Truth can never come from pores unless you truly sweat. Even truth is hated but oh well. Nobody likes a fake. No respect is given and none should be expected. How are you gonna make it to the top fronting? In this day and age, all we have is TRUTH!! Live yours….It ain’t perfect but it’s mine. It ain’t painless but it’s mine. At first I said, “I have to write my way out my situation.” Now, I write because it’s my sanity. You made your bed, lay in it. Who knew life was the bed? How did we start on the floor with no covers? Bricks out of straw? How about a pallet with no covers?

How did we agree to a game of Monopoly, where everyone started with a handful of cash but us? The goal of Monopoly is to totally bankrupt everyone in the game? I commend those who have made it around the board, missed jail, purchased some property, passed “Go” a few times, and even landed on and purchased Park Place. You still ain’t nothing but a boot to them.

Goodnight 3


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