A Moth to a Flame…

What is it? The bright colors, the flicker of the flame, the heat, or is it the power to destroy, melt, and totally annihilate? What is it about fire that we have to be about getting too close? Why must we be burned first to learn the lesson? Not enough to be appreciated and admired from a distance, we are drawn. Someone so eloquently put it, “Like a moth to a flame!!”

Of course, I couldn’t just leave it there, so I went on a little hunt to find out why. Who studies moths? How often do moths repeat this same behavior? Is enough to comprise an idiom in explanation of moths or have they gotten a bad rap? Is it some prejudice statement made up to get us to dislike moths? So all moths like flames like black folks like chicken? I’m on a hunt to defend black folks and moths. Moths get a bad rap!! We don’t even like moths. Moths are the dull colored things that land on you at night. Butterflies are the ones we want to hold in our hands. Why call one a moth and thy other a butterfly? Things that make you go hmmm!! People generally prefer butterflies. Aren’t they from the same family?

“Like a moth to a flame,” it paints the moth with a brush that suggest that they are helplessly lured to their own death by any flame flying. Reminds me of the false idea that ostrich, when in fear, place their head in the sand, it ain’t true. Maybe moths are getting played on this one. I aim to see. I feel like Mr. Rogers in his neighborhood, lets take a trip and see. We’ll take the old internet train and check it out.

Here’s what I found. Lights confuse moths. Navigational systems and they are not just drawn to flames, but they are drawn to light. Actually, they navigate by light. Some scientists believe moths fly towards light to hide in a dark ring they perceive around the light. So it’s not the light, but the dark around the light? Most nocturnally active moths are attracted to light, a phenomenon known as positive phototaxis. Transverse orientation is what it has been termed.

Now see!! It’s not that moths are stupid insects that don’t have enough sense to turn away from that fire, they are really attracted to light. It’s light that draws because they use light to lead them.

“Baby, when I saw you, I was draw to you light a moth to a flame?” It’s does read as well anymore. Maybe it is her light and not so much her hot burning fire.

What’s the french term? Je ne sais quoi!!!Something that cannot be adequately described or expressed. It’s not what you have, but it’s what you do with what you have. Everybody has a walk but you walk walk. You smile smile, and you glow glow. There is a clear and distinct difference only noticed by the admirer moth!! You can’t develop it. Either you have or you don’t.

Well I gotta fly!! I’m on my moth thing, being led my the REAL LIGHT!! Don’t be lured by the wrong light folks. You’ll end up in a consuming fire or at the bottom of a big light somewhere!! The REAL LIGHT is what you really want!!! That’s Son if GOD!! It shines day or night!! Stay focused.

I love you


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