Riiiing, Hello?

Riiiiing, Hello?

I can’t tell you how it got here but it’s here. Alexander Graham Bell seems to the name ascribed to its inception and its come a long way. It’s the advancement of communication and it’s actually mind blowing when you think about it. A ringing sound or a buzz alerts us that someone is trying to get in touch with us. From a hip, a purse, or through the car speaker, the sound brings to our attention that someone is “calling us.”

On my phone today, there are two categories that are titled, “All and Missed.” “All”includes the calls that I have made to others but “missed call,” is something different. Some missed calls are those made to me but somehow I didn’t see or catch them in time.

It’s the ability to allow and refuse access into one’s life. A person can request access into your life from another part of the world. Just because a person request access does not automatically mean they gain it. Access is earned and most times rejection is deserved. I received a call at 5am this morning. It was my friend from back home. Not only does the phone ring, but nowadays the name shows up on the phone screen. Everybody’s name and number is ascribed to word, an idea, a feeling, or mood.

Connected with your name and number are words, ideas, feelings, and possibly a mood. We ain’t in New York but names carry weight Uptown. It’s important that you know what words ride with your name. Seldom seen is their name but when it shows up, people answer. Hard work, laughter, great memories, persistence, perfection, consistency, creativity, genuine sincerity, and opportunity, are words attached to the name on the phone screen, so I answer. It’s wise to answer.

Some calls make life better and some worse. Some calls add to your life and some subtract. Some calls change the direction of your life and some alter it permanently. It’s important to receive and reject the right ones. It is imperative that you hone your screening skills. It will either net you success or quickly escort you to your demise.

My question is, “When you call and your name shows up, regardless of the time, What words come to the receiver’s mind? What’s the idea? What’s the feeling? What the mood that your name produces?”

Of course, you have no idea, only what you hope.

Scenario One: You called, they looked at your name and number but put the phone back down. MISSED CALL.

Scenario Two: You called, they looked at your name and number then smiled.

They cleared their throat, gathered the best version of themselves, and said, “Hello.”

Love you



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  1. theycalledherjonesy July 20, 2020 — 10:08 am

    Receive and reject the right ones! Some are blocked because they made every effort to get there and that is where they shall stay. Lol

    Liked by 2 people

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