The Circus Comes to Town!!

Have Circus, Will Travel

Who comes up with the idea, I want to own a circus? Let me try it in a sentence. You know Wilford came over yesterday? Yes, He brought that circus with him. It sounds like a bunch of disconnected, moving parts and people. A caravan of misfits come to mind. A band of life’s misfits. Circus is beginning to sound a lot like church but I won’t go there.

What picture comes to mind when you say the word circus? I’m thinking Big red and white tent, three rings, the smell of popcorn, the sounds of generators, elephants and lions somewhere, and some lit up, outdated carnival rides operated by guys who don’t talk. I wouldn’t either, if I had to sit outside in the scorching hot sun and make sure your seatbelt is fastened on the Whirly-Twirl!! Man, You are well beyond the weight capacity and size to be riding, “The Tinkerbell” you coward. I’m sure the pay and the benefits are to die for. Now you want me to hold your stuffed animals and cotton candy? Why do people eat a corn dog, a box of popcorn, cheese fries, a candy apple, and an elephant ear, and then get in line to ride the DEATH SNATCHER?

Yes I can see myself vividly hot, sweaty, and disgruntled, laying black power cables through the grass of this field of grass, to power this whole monster of a circus slash carnival. I’m the dude on the bad mic taunting and trying to get you to throw baseballs at me, hovering over the dunk tank by day, but by night, I hold the esteemed position of Ringmaster. Of course, I’m rocking the top hat and suit to boot. I guess we can’t have a circus without a band. Let me introduce you to Charlie on drums, which consist of a taped up base drum, a shattered snare and mangled cymbal. Marge with dentures on trombone, and Maynard mounted on the beat up organ way out of tune. He can’t tell. The old war took out his hearing years ago.

I have questions. What would make people paint their faces and wear clown clothes every night? What would possess them to develop skits that make them look foolish? What would make it ok for them to set up and tear down every night and head towards the next town to do it all over again? Who is dragging a giraffe, two lions and the Flying Lamono’s across the map? What do animals, the bearded lady, the fortune teller, carnival ride operators, and a ring master all have in common? Let me add that there is really a science to having three rings. The set up is essential. You can’t run the clowns behind the horses!! There is organization in what looks like confusion some times!!

Maybe it’s a LOVE and desire to bring a smile to little boy and girl’s faces. Maybe it’s the sincere desire to place a pause and laughter into the life of a dry mundane town, out in the middle of nowhere?

You call them crazy as they roll into town. They might call you crazy as they roll the caravan out of your town. Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with the man who runs the haunted house. He’s only in town for a week.

Writing is about traveling evidently. I love it when you travel with me. By the way, I can still hear that generator running. After a while. You just get use to it!! I bet you didn’t even think about it. The entire circus and carnival comes with its own power. Call my family a circus again and see what happens. We have a few magic tricks up our sleeve.

I love you still



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  1. theycalledherjonesy July 15, 2020 — 8:36 am

    So there once was a story about a man with a gift. Almost like a magic trick. Unbelievably wonderful.

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