The Perfect Entrance and Exit

It’s the thing life is made up of. I was walking out of the Barnes and Noble bookstore and an image captured my attention. I immediately pulled out my phone and snapped the picture because it would be too difficult to explain it to you. I saw what looked like an exit from one dimension and a new entrance into another. It seemed so unreal. It had the likes of some space portal. It looked so perfect. The image froze in place for me and I was mesmerized. Outside of the cars that were moving up and down the street, the entire picture never moved. It almost begged me to photograph it, so I did.

Life is filled with entrances and exits. You are either walking into or walking out of places. It is important to celebrate where you are presently because you won’t be there long and there is a real purpose in being where you are. At some point, you will be exiting that place. God forbid you don’t appreciate your present space and place.

Entrances are just as exciting as exits. A new place, face, thing, home, job, etc. You are entering into a new thing and you should be excited about it.

Exits are equally inviting. I’m leaving!! I am leaving old stuff, bad habits, unproductive and unprofitable places and people. Exits mean, “Out with the old,” but entrances mean, “Hello and In with the new!!”

What is dangerous is when people don’t know if they are coming or going. You ought not ever get these two mixed up. If I am coming, let me come in expectantly. Let me get, learn, contribute and grow from all that is available to me in this moment, place and season. Then my exit makes sense. When the door swings open and the voice declares that it’s time to go, you should be ready. The worse decision would be to exit prematurely empty headed, handed and hearted, without the lessons and experiences needed. Why?

You may never find your way back to that threshold again. As a matter of fact, there is a flow of traffic in this Universe that suggest that closed doors that behind you, stay closed. You must travel with the flow of traffic. Between each entrance and exit is a space that all of the lessons that you need reside. It’s best to get them now because later may never come again.

As I glance to the door of my bedroom, I am reminded that in the morning I will exit this doorway and then exit the doorway of my home. It is imperative that I appreciate the room and home that I live in prior to me exiting. It is a place of peace, love, joy, and protection. Let me live in the moment.

As I was preparing to exit the Barnes and Noble, I reminded myself of how much I enjoyed my time inside the bookstore. I was inspired and challenged to continue writing that which is in my heart and head. I had to freeze the photo and show it to you, my friends. I really hope you see the magic in this image as I did. It wasn’t the perfect storm but it was the perfect frame. I pray that you value all of your entrances and exits!!

Keep it Moving


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