Be Present, Purposeful and Intentional


This was one if many days out of three years we spend in and out of the hospitals. We were trying to get it all figured out. We were hanging on to hope. Our two hour trips to Indianapolis, our eight hours spent in the infusion center, our two hour rides back. We were present and accounted for!!

Even though he was the one battling cancer and grappling with the chemotherapy, that wasn’t his biggest concern. He worried about everybody else. He always wanted to make sure his sisters and brothers were ok. Whenever he purchased the new Jordan’s, he always took his brother and sister to get the same pair. He worked a job while he battled cancer and still he would use his check to bless them.

I chose this picture because it reminded me of another constant concern of his. He would always say thanks Dad for being there. I know you would rather be doing other things. I would always quickly correct him.

“I am EXACTLY where I want to be and I am doing EXACTLY what I want to do!!! I have no desire to be anywhere else than where I am RIGHT NOW!! This SPACE and THIS PLACE!!

I figured I’d share a thought I had concerning this. BE PRESENT ON PURPOSE!!

The worse thing you can do in life is be in places that you don’t want to be and doing things that you don’t want to do. To serve reluctantly and with an attitude is brutal on you and the person you are serving. To be present in one place but wishing you were in another place can be torture as well.

To appease others, we go places and do things that we have no desire to do. When we do this, others can truly sense your hearts desire or frustration. When it comes to sick people, they can sense when someone is mad or frustrated about assisting and supporting them.

It is true, I would rather suffer and struggle by myself, before I have to depend on a person who has no desire and patience to be there.

Wherever you are and what ever you are doing, BE PRESENT, PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL!!!!

I told someone the other day, “Out of 7 billion people in this world, I CHOOSE TO BE WITH YOU!! If people don’t appreciate your company, you have 7,655,957,368 other folks to choose from.


I love you Always,



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  1. theycalledherjonesy September 29, 2020 — 7:06 am

    How amazing a skill it is to put your thoughts into words. What you say is so true. Being present, purposeful and intentional should be a goal for us all because once you get there, no turning back. Absolutely love this

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