Then there was an explosion. We had crossed the line of no return and we both knew it. Regardless of where it started, we both knew that it went too far. We were both caught up in our feelings and our emotions have gotten the best of us. At one point, one of us was explaining how we felt and with elevated voices and attempts to defend, misunderstanding crept in and now what was once love has turned into a battlefield of opposing forces with no regard for one another.

In the twinkling of an eye, we both with hearts bunkered in for safety, drop word bombs on one another’s location. It’s an all out war to the death and no one is interested in surrender. If the truth were told, we both desired to wave the white flag but we have gone too far and coming out with your hands up would simply be an open target for a ready sniper. So we stay and fight into the night. We both declare war and there will be no prisoners.

We both continue to take serious hits almost simultaneously to the heart because we know each other’s weak spots in the armor. Neither one of us is interested in showing any sign of weakness so we move well beyond our own characters. We shoot as if death is our goal because neither one of us is interested in injury. We will take nothing less than the head of our enemy on a platter or at least the enemy kneeling at our feet begging for mercy. We both that will never happen.

It’s really a bed with matching pillows, sheets and a comforter, but we have allowed evil to transform our romantic love nest into a war zone that Vietnam couldn’t compete with.

It not only looks like a war zone, it sounds and feels like one. The looks, the words, the screams, the shouting!! We both tire in the wee hours of the battle and somehow the bombs have pockets of pause between them. Now the war tactics change and we somehow slip into the silent war. Nobody is shooting and arrows to the heart are not coming as constant. We are not crazy, we simply believe the enemy is just recharging their energy for the next attack so we both stay on our toes and prepared for the worse.

Then it happened…..

We both mistakenly peek above our bunkers at the same time and look into each other’s eyes. We both duck down quickly so we won’t get noticed. Now we both lay on your backs in a dark cold room looking up at the ceiling wounded and afraid. It’s good for both of us that the light has left us because our faces are hide from one another.

There is something about tears and crying that if fought to hold back, will break through like a weakened damn that cannot hold raging waters. Now we both know we’ve said way too much and done the unforgivable. Now we lay on separate sides of barricaded wall of pillows broken and ashamed. Then the tears come.

Warm tears fill our eyes and overflow. Crying makes you hot and sweaty for some reason. I don’t know why. Now the warm salty tears of pain and hurt run down our cheeks together like a synchronized water show. One of us sniffs by mistake and a sign of surrender seems to be given but neither one of us want to fight anymore.

Nothing breaks your heart more than knowing that you are the reason for your loved one’s cry. Pain inflicted should never come from those that we hold dearest to us. We both throw down are weapons and someone says, “I’m sorry!!”

“I’m sorry too,” are the words from the other side. We reach for each other through the smoke and carnage. We low crawl our way to each other and we embrace. I pull her into me because I want her to lay safely in my arms with her head resting on my chest. I want to wrap my arms around her safely.

I notice that we don’t say a word. The water works start again but the cry is different. Through the darkness, she lifts her head up toward my face and I lower mine. A warm salty tearful kiss of love and surrender we share. We don’t say a word. We just lay in the middle of the battlefield two opposing forces that chose to be one.

Can you image a war torn battlefield with burning tanks and planes, smoke and casualties everywhere? Silence has taken over a darkened war zone and all you see is two people holding each other for dear life and the while flag waves in victory as the sun rises in the East. Who is making this bed up, I don’t know but I do know that love has won the battle!!!

Kiss and Make Up because life is too short!!



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  1. Wow! I have to admit I was not expecting the story to go in this direction, but it was so excellent. Love is like a war sometimes, differences and opinions can bring two hearts to battle. Very excellent!

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