In Deeper Than I Imagined

In Deeper Than I imagined

The question becomes, at what point did you think you were on safe footing? Too far is not measured by the distance and depth that you have traveled but instead the moment that you were no longer in control. You seem to think that even at this point you can wiggle or hustle your way out but reality says that you are already counted as a causality of war. You have landed well within enemy territory wearing the wrong colors.

It’s the illusion that comforts you and reassures your emotions to relax and just take the ride. By the time you come to yourself with rationalization of your actual location, it is seriously too late. A toe in, a foot, a knee and then fully submerged you go. You are all in and there is no reverse on this ride.

Now I’m at the mercy of you and your wildest dreams to do with me what you like. This is exactly why you don’t play with people. He who plays get played. Tables turn they say and what was, is no more. He who has the lion’s share is now threatened with starvation.

Now you have to trust that the seeds you’ve sown will quickly come back and pay positive dividends. I’m rooting for you!!


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  1. theycalledherjonesy September 30, 2020 — 3:02 pm

    No reverse on the ride! Oh no, too late to turn back now. Sometimes that’s a great thing

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