You Fell Asleep in My Arms and Thoughts….Pillow Talk

It was a long day of tasks and torture. All day long it seemed to be one issue after another being brought to our attention and in need of resolution. Life sometimes feels like sitting at a desk stack to the ceiling with Manila folders filled with the issues of the world. Every folder stamped with two things, your name, and the words, URGENT PRIORITY in red bold letters.

One thing at a time you navigate through it and you finally land home!! We tough out the house and family stuff and stumble our way into the bedroom. There is something about retiring to the bedroom behind a closed door for the duration of the night!!!!!

We shuffle through our separate personal stuff and we periodically glance and each other trying to synchronize the play. If she bolts toward setting out her work clothes, then I’m heading for the shower. We look like we don’t even know each other but yet we are working toward the same goal, THE BED.

She meticulously removes the earrings and bracelets and stores them in the jewelry box, while I’m shuffling the closet hangers from left to right looking for tomorrow’s wardrobe selection while at the same time peeping to see her next move.

The critical move was when I had to leave the room to go back downstairs to get my book bag. Everybody knows that a no no!! Reopening that door is like giving the horror movies creatures another chance to get back in the house. I almost skied down the stairs like a slalom run, snatched the book bag and leaped up the stairs headed back to the room. I was running so fast, I could hear the wind in my ears.

Halfway up the hallway, I could hear the shower head bursting like the Hoover dam!!! The refreshing quenching waters from the Niagara Falls exploded out of the wall and rained down into the shower stall. How could so much water pour out at one time? I am so jealous but I concede. Maybe it’s all in my mind.

It seems like forever and I am seriously praying that the well don’t run dry. Mr. Water heater don’t fail me now!!! Maybe she opted for the cold shower today which would save all the good hot water for me? Of course not!! It’s enough steam in the bathroom to melt all the paint off the walls. She’s so deep in the mist, you can’t even see her. It so much steam, it looks like a Houdini magic trick. I shout out, “HuH?” Just to break up the celebration and bring her back to life. “You say something? I ask? No!! It don’t take all that!! Dang…

Can you get me a large bath towel? You know I ain’t feeling it but if it’s going to get her out of there, then cool. She steps out saying everything I don’t want to hear!! Whew that felt so so good!! Really? While I’m sitting here with sweaty work clothes on feeling like I’ve repaired seventy tanks in one hundred degree weather?

Finally Cleopatra frees the shower stall and with it goes all the steam and warmth. Whatever!!! I get my shower and I’m in and out. The soap is as small as a tic tac and my towel feels like sandpaper. I get in and I get out!!

When I get my side of the bed wrapped in the crunchy towel, she is on her side doing a body butter moisturizing commercial. Look at her!!! On the side of the bed softly applying scented skin glaze on her skin like she’s painting a picture. I’m over on my side with the squirt bottle top thingy off, banging on the bottom, because my lotion won’t come out. What the hell? That’s it, I’m done. Pajamas? Not tonight!! I’m grabbing the seasoned pair of Hanes, half lotioned up and I’m done. I just learned that lotioned is not a word but I’m mad so get over it.

Now here comes the good part. Regardless of how we get here, we are both together when it comes to this. The joy of ending our day together. We start out on two opposite sides of the bed with our own lights and nightstand. We at the same time slip our feet out of our shoes, grab the covers and swivel our feet under the covers at the same time. This looks more like a a synchronized Chris Brown video. We reposition our pillows to our own liking but we lay back at the same time. We both exhale in unison. The light are off and the moonlight is all that gives a glow to the bedroom.

We whisper together and share our thoughts with one another. This is pillow talk. As we whisper, our hands and feet seems to find each other in simple and subtle ways. There are two conversations going on simultaneously. It’s the verbal communication going on above the covers but it’s also the body language that seems advancing up under the covers. Nothing freaky, just soothing.

I don’t care what anybody says, there is no heat and touch that can compare to body heat and feel from the one you love.

At some point we both abandon our separate pillow mountains and meet somewhere in Love valley where she lays her head on my chest and throws that thigh over my leg. If this is a wrestling match, you win!! I willfully surrender!!

She said she loves breathing my air. When I talk she looks and listens closely. She says she loves to breath my air. Maybe she’s inhaling my soul but it’s got to be addicting. You can’t do stuff like that and just walk away. Men don’t do that. We inhale your scent and swallow your taste. Now you have taken residence with us internally and you ain’t going nowhere now.

We retreat to our own sides of the bed and continue talking until one of us no longer responds… fell asleep in my arms with my thoughts open….pillow talk.

Rest Well



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  1. Very nice! I didn’t want that to end.

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  2. Inhale,scent,swallow,taste,surrender,freaky! Dang what did I leave out?

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