From Out and Under Deep Cover

Not like the movie with Fishburne and the undercover detective/ drug scene, which can seem so much more action packed and interesting, but instead the blanket, sheet, comforter and the night’s deep sleep. He emerges in earth tones of brown and black, natural and quietly.

With the noise and introduction of a growing plant, silence is the deep cover he comes up under. Tightly cocooned in soft brown sheets and darkness, the black ex-caterpillar slowly slips into consciousness, a new day realized and before any movement is made or any cover unfurled, a word of gratitude is whispered to his Maker from between the sheets.

Like the emerging butterfly, he presses against the material walls that keep him safe and warm from the morning dew and chill. His eyes haven’t seen light in several hours and his pupils require a moment to dilate in relation to the sunrise.

Some writer suggested, “He who seizes the morning and his mind seizes the day.” He reaches for book and pen to set his mental compass for the day’s expedition. I must admit the warmth of this grounded cocoon feels so comforting and eternal but the optimism of winged flight supersedes the previous thought. I crawled into this bed last night but today may be the day that I take to the air, so I read the manual.

I reach for the book of my pleasure and begin to pour into me a generous amount of wisdom and revelation. I am half housed within my sleeping pod with my arms extended and holding written life and a pen to record my thoughts. Lord take me higher than I’ve ever been and help me to see further. Use me in your service and for your Glory.

In my mind, I see the vision of what it looks like so I flip the camera and follow suit. The photo looks exactly how my mind imagined it. It’s the creative’s process. We see it long before we see it and we have finished it long before we break ground in the this realm. We have experienced the refreshing and relaxing results of a morning swim in the waters of our luxury swimming pool long before one scoop of dirt is ever shoveled to make room for it.

Life becomes a long walk and chase after the butterfly in the field seeking to avoid capture. We with net in hand, give a lifetime chase in hopes of catching what we saw and heard in our mind.

To others this seems weird because they can never see or hear what we see but we are sure it exist. The only existing element that makes outsiders believe that it must be true, is the passion in which we pursue it. Some can only follow us into the deep water so far before they have to turn back and I understand. They cannot afford to die chasing something that don’t believe exist. On the other hand, death is a fair exchange and our life is the fare we willingly pay for the opportunity to give chase, rather we catch it or not.

I have forfeited my gym and walk time this morning to pursue that which is within me calling. I must retire the book and pen to go live out what I believe. Work calls me and I must answer.

Somehow I believe I’ve been made the better as a result of lying still and talking to you. You may not know it but chatting with you makes for my sanity. Who know? Maybe this time has helped you as well? Don’t be afraid to go out in the field and chase your butterfly. To hold it and observe it for moment is worth a lifetime. Let it go and go after another!!

Have a good one.


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