Please…Don’t Leave yet, Let Me Get Myself Together

Don’t Leave Yet, Let Me Get Myself Together first..

Seems like the night just got started. The conversation just went interestingly deeper. We are in a space and place that we may never get back or get back to. Moments like these are rare and to be treasured. You don’t bring feelings like these to a hurried abrupt close. Like a smoldering fire pit that has served us well all night by grilling our meal with precision, providing an amazing light for two lovers and keeping us warm amidst the midnight breeze, you don’t snuff it or douce it with water like an amateur!!Where is your class? You respectfully allow it to gracefully makes its exit. The fire will gracefully excuse itself. (No wonder you by yourself.)

Don’t go just yet….We’ve somehow found the perfect position. Your head rests peacefully in the lock of my shoulder and comfortably upon my chest. I’m built for this. You are right for me in every way. Our bodies are speaking a language that we both can easily interpret. Why stop now? As we gaze into the star filled sky, I desire to know more. You are both beautiful and brilliant. Intriguing and hypnotic. Like a moth to a flame and sheep headed to the stable, I’m all. Here’s the sword and my heart, slay me!! I’m all in so please don’t leave. Not yet.

This is way past sexual. We both agree, sex at this point would be an insult and an absolute forfeiture of a plateau of intimacy that wrestling and sweating could never achieve. If we can’t find it talking, we sure couldn’t find it walking. If we can’t elevate and stimulate mentally on that frequency, there will be no reception. No spark no flame. This is way past jazzy and several dimensions beyond breathtaking. We blew through the point of no return a ways back. Momentum and the sheer centrifugal force of our soul’s thirst have locked us into this love seat of passion, pulled our inhibitions back and glued us in each other’s arms. If love is a curve then we are headed for the cliff. Attempting to steer or brake at this point is useless and We are Us-less!! (My word)

Please Don’t….Let me get my bearings first and look at your hair and our clothes. We don’t even know where we are. It’s crazy how great conversation and attentive care can transform an humble abode into a romantic tropical resort.

Don’t…I’m just getting nervous thinking about you gathering your things. Don’t do it. Whatever you do don’t turn the light on. At least if you leave, I can lay where we were and rest in the afterglow of magnificence. This is one of kind. What was, has a way of lingering and I’m counting on it.

Please….I can’t fathom watching you close the door behind me, no more than you watching my silhouette disappear down the sidewalk to my car. If you close that door behind me, you’ll stand there immobilized for a few moments talking to yourself and asking, “What in the world!!” When real love leaves a place, it no longer looks or feels like the same. Furniture and decorations may crowd a room but LOVE fills every crook and cranny. If love were your favorite scented candle, your whole soul has been saturated with that sweet fragrance. The scent is so strong that neighbors seem to know that love lives beyond these doors.

Not now…..As I secure the door and turn to take that long walk back to where we embraced, its a lonely one. You were just here, laughed here, laid here. Your scent is everywhere and on everything. You can’t touch me like that and leave!! You can’t make me feel this way and depart. What a long slow ride home. No problem Mr. Officer, I won’t be speeding because Love has placed a governor on my heart and I am going well under the speed limit. What I’m hoping for is you to call and say come back. I find a million things to do before pulling away. Mirror, headlights, seatbelt, backseat, dome light. Maybe I forgot something?

I gotta go….the words I hate to hear so don’t say it. Don’t…Not now….Stay for a few minutes…..let me get myself together. Funny how we all know what, “Let me get myself together means.” Why don’t you just stay and leave early when I’m sleep? If I’m half sleep and it’s dark, I’ll feel you kiss me goodbye but I’ll mix it into my dream and stay asleep. The last thing I want to remember is you putting your bag down, undressing, the warmth of our bodies embracing, and you falling asleep in my arms.




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  1. You had me at…Absolute forfeiture of a plateau of intimacy. Nice work sir!

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