Magic Beans and Magic Words

I didn’t really quite get where those magic beans came from. I probably need to go back and read the story again. Jack, some discarded beans, a stalk, a giant, a goose, a golden egg and some other items. I can’t remember it all but what intrigues me even now is the thought of magic beans. People love Magic. “ We love us some magic, yes we do!!” Hold on, let me go get the story straight. No need in me mixing up Goldie locks, three pigs, the Mothership, Green acres and the Ohio players Fopping!!

Let’s see if I can get it straight!! Jack lived with his widowed mother. They were poor all they had left was a cow. Jack traded the milking cow straight up for some beans from a weird storytelling man. Hold on I’ll be right back.

Okay, The man tells Jack that the beans will him bring food and fortune. He took them to the crib and Ma-Dukes snaps. He went to bed hungry but at least he lived. She threw the beans…in a pot. Wait, she threw them out the window. It all depends on where you’re from. We don’t waste food where I come from. Those beans, a ham hock, a pork shoulder, some turkey parts, a crockpot and that house would have been smelling good. You don’t even know how this story would have ended Baby Bubba.

Hold on, I’m going back in. Jack wakes up and looks out the window and sees that the beans were in fact magic. A giant beans stalk grew up into the clouds. Momma woke up and said, “Ain’t God good? Look at all these collards!! Who gone help pick’em Jesus!! Hey Jay, go see if you can get a slab of them ribs from the cow you sold, and a cup of milk for the cornbread. I’m sorry, I’m blasting the story to smithereens. 😊

This is not what happened. Jack climbs the stalk and gets six ears of corn, rip the husk off them babies and boiled them. I’m lying!! He climbs the the beanstalk and goes to the top, where he saw huge castle and it was white. He said, “Let me get a twenty sack and add jalepeno cheese, four onion rings, and two large drinks. This is getting crazy.

He knocks on the door and hold on….

Jack broke in the man’s house which could get him five to ten if he gets busted. He see a giant man with a beard counting his money. He has so much money that he falls asleep counting. Jack shouts out, “Mayback Music baby!!” but Rick Ross stays sleep. Jack grabs a bag of the Ya-yo, some cash, some beard oil and breaks for the door. Jack has been trying to grow his out for a minute.

It was a bag of coins that jack stole. No wonder they call him Jack!! Because he got away with it last time, he decides to hit the spot again. This time he finds a goose that lays golden eggs. He grabs up the goose and jetted. When he got home and showed his Mom and she said, “Golden brown chicken, fries, an omelettes in the morning!!!!

You know you’re hungry when you start getting your stories mixed up. Actually Jack kicked open the door and his Momma shouted, “I have six and a possible!! Her and her girls were playing Spades and they were about to set their opponent.

Momma said, where did you get that big Ole Bird from? I found it he said. Jack thought he got away with it so he went back up to Ross’s crib, slid in and found a golden harp. It started playing so loud that it woke up the Giant. The giant said, “Are you door dash? Because I ordered a ten piece lemon pepper wing dinner from Wing Stop. He told him the truth and Ross lit up a fatty. No, the giant gave chase. Jack ran for the beanstalk and slide down. Ross said, “You still with Trick Daddy and Slip and Slide? Some how they chopped down the tree and cut off their blessings.

All this over some magic bean? I don’t want to spoil it for you but the Giant hooks up with Jack’s Momma. Her name was Jill. I can’t make this up people!!

I wanted to tell you about magic beans and magic words. Words, like magic beans have magic powers. Words perfectly planted into the ear of a listener can grow the mind of the hearer. Word can turn a frown into a smile, I cry into a laugh, a sad person into a joyous person. That’s magical. Magic Words can cause you to travel across the country and envision things. Magic words can make you imagine a pot of beans, a real beanstalk and Rick Ross with lemon pepper wings. I am seriously hungry.

Words are like magical beans.

You can lift the spirit of a depressed person just by planting a few Magic beans/words in their ear, watering and watching them grow!! How magical is that!!! Oh by the way, you can use a few magic beans and words on yourself. You can speak words of love and encouragement to yourself and watch you grow!! A beanstalk ain’t got nothing on you!!

Like Jack, use your magic words wisely. What ever you do, don’t spill them. Use them wisely.

You my friend are Amazing,


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