Quintessential Season Shifter

I have figured it out!! I was wondering what the mood swings, the funky feelings, the anxious melancholy blahs were all about. It’s the change in the season. The colors, the smells, the Shades of autumn orange and brown, it goes well with my color, it’s the leather and hoodies, the boots, the sweaters, it’s the shift, the change up, the new start, I love it all. Make no doubts about it, I am a sun dude. Oiled up, flip flop, beach sitting and Sun baking brother, but I am also a season shifter as well. It’s a new start for somebody, the deeper notes in the cologne, the furnace creating that blanket of heat, the inside game. The comforters, fresh house shoes, and the house coat with the hood. This is our season. It’s the full length house robe with no shirt and a chain. Looking and feeling like Nino Brown in Pj’s. I wish somebody would come knocking on my door. Umma yell, Am I my brother’s keeper? The season of scents. Boo got all the bubble bath, body wash, and spray hitting. Get in here!! smelling like brown warm vanilla sugar And fresh baked cookies. Is this a bedroom or a bakery? I don’t know!! Aw yes!!! I knew it was something!! You feel it too!! How you not going to have something nice to cuddle up and take walks with? “Warm me up bae I’m cold,” she says!! It’s bear season and I’m done hibernating!! I’m laying here with this warm laptop thinking deep!! I was wondering…..Share with me, what is it about this season right here?? Indulge me please….


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  1. It’s everything you just said and more. Except I don’t have a nino brown chain. Lol. It’s the first step inside your warm and cozy house after coming in from the cold. It’s the fireplace cranked up to give out that perfect heat. Love it

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