Single life… ain’t no joke. Some days you bask in the freedom and excitement of moving at one’s own whim. I get up and take off, come and go as I please, with no one to answer to. On other days you blast off in this world and you remind yourself that you better let someone know where your crazy self of going. Just in case they have to look for you. I ain’t telling nobody what I’m doing is quickly hushed by the reality that ain’t nobody checking for you anyway. I love eating the meal of my dreams plus dessert and not being startled by the waiter’s check for one for less than thirty bucks. At other times, company, conversation and laughs, would have been a line item gladly payed for at the end of the night. I have always contended that Cali is the resort for romance. Late night walks along the beach with a campfire, convertible cruises with the top down with weave or wig blowing in the wind. The homes in the hills always get me and the waves crashing against the shore put me in some kinda mood. It doesn’t help to see all of the couples that seem to be so in sync, especially when you are snuggled up with a chili cheese dog with extra onions. I guess it’s this life on the road for some of us. I often remind myself, this is for but a season Broski!! I celebrate love and those that enjoy it but I also enjoy getting to know myself on an intimate level. I always say, “A better me is a better we!!” Enjoy your weekend.

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