What The Eyes See and Say…

Eyes that seem to look at you, feel as though they look through you. It’s why you switch from the left eye to the right eye and back. Eyes don’t lie….That’s why liars look away. Truth even influences the pupil and retina. They say that Eyes tell stories that words can’t or won’t. Old folks would pay you a visit to “put eyes on you!!” Sick? Sad?Hungry? Worried? Hurt? Abused? They didn’t want to see your hands, they wanted to see your eyes!!! The eyes tell all. You can trust the eyes even when the lips are unfaithful. Evil eyes refuse light. Look into my eyes and what do you see? Here’s a clue. They are actually mirrors. The longer you look, you see you. It is why some can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror. Go look in the mirror. Look at all of you. The moment you look into your OWN EYES, truth will being to speak from within the depths of you. Don’t just see OUT of your eyes, look inwardly at your own soul!! Keep looking until your soul opens a passageway in and enter. He who has a problem with everything outside of him, has no peace within himself. It’s funny how looking into eyes keeps you looking into eyes?

What do you see?
I love you

LyricalWIL #VisualWIL #EyeLieDetector


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  1. Has a conversation the other day about eyes that look through your soul. Don’t look away now. I’m talking to you with my eyes.

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