It’s The Walk For Me!!!!

It’s the Walk for me!!

Watching the game play out becomes a lesson learned if you pay attention. I don’t even know how far it dates back and I’m little scared to look too far because similar to pants men were probably in them first, let’s hope it’s not the same. Shoe game baby!! Ain’t nothing finer that two things for sure, Number one- A sexy pair of heels and Number Two- A woman that can walk in them. If you can get both of them, the woman and the walk, you have done something spectacular. You have hit the motherlode!!!!!

Anybody can rock some Jordan’s, pop some flip flops or slide some sandals, but all heel wearers ain’t created equal. The question becomes, can she wear and walk in her heels? Just because they sell your size does not mean they are for you. I wonder do they come with instructions? Never seen heel walking classes given, how to choose the right heel, the right height, the right style. Them straps ain’t for everybody. Stilettos and spaghetti straps both start with the letter “s” but ain’t for everybody.

When is too soon? When is time to retire the heel in exchange for a good earth walker? Are you all having this conversation somewhere that men don’t know about? I ain’t heard no parts of any of you having this convo!! Is she left alone to navigate the world of pumps and heels all alone? Is she left to wobble and shuffle at her own risk!! Wouldn’t that be a sign? Heel Walking at your own risk!!!!! Violators will be prosecuted.

All I can tell you is we hate to see them leaning, shaking, wobbling, or looking like stuffed bell peppers. When they hurt you, it hurts us. When your toes are crushed and begging for mercy, it pains you but it pains us to watch. Why are you walking like you’re stepping on nails and glass?

Here’s the inspiration, If women look at a man’s face, hands and shoes to draw and determine some hard conclusions about the source, then please believe men check your walk. We don’t like it when it looks uncontrollably unpredictable and undisciplined. We are in love with the Shes’ that handle that business “right there!!” LOOK AT HER!!! She manages her steps, can stop on a dime and turn like a Fashion Fair Model. You would swear she came here with a red Binkey and some red bottoms!! Her first steps were in pumps and her first words were, “Do you have these in a size 2?”

We just know it when we see it. How she gets out of the car or gets up from the table. How she stands and how she glides. If the heel is scraped,scratched up, and begging for mercy, you fail. No heels should be abused in the commercial or the making of this blog. If your toes bump up in the front, you lose. If they are too big and slip off your heels every time you step, you are on borderline probation. If you sit with your heel laying on the ground like exhausted puppies rolling around under the table, you are disqualified. Either you are going to WEAR them or don’t wear them.

Okay, you got the heels, you paid for them. They are officially yours. Now, how are you going to become one with the pumps? Right now, you are walking like you have ice skates on the concrete. You need to see it done right. I can offer you a few names to reach out to. Naw, it’s every woman for herself. If you want it, you’ll seek out what you need or you will teeter for t her rest of your life.

For us, it’s the dress length, and the right calf down to the toe ratio pouring into the shoe. It either accentuates the ensemble or totally destroys it. Either you look prepared to attend the banquet or you are serving and picking up plates. Do y’all have Tabasco?

I ain’t into calling folks out and I ain’t about to start but I’m sure there is a youtube video tutorial in this. I understand your heels baby!! You are on walking pedestal because that’s where you belong!! Elevated where the world can see!! (Disclaimer: This ain’t for insecure men that can’t handle your height. They will have you hunched over in slides. Bounce him if he can’t handle your beauty!! There are enough Payless furry sandal Sadies hanging around the trap!!

If we are talking “poetry in motion,” there is no greater site than style, grace, love, confidence, and a walk that looks like she is moonwalking forward all set on a pedestal of heels!! OMG!!!!

I love you and only trying to help


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