Chameleons and Elephants

Chameleons and Elephants

Your problem is you don’t know who you are!! What a first line huh? Here it comes short, straight and sweet!!

You are busy trying to blend in to avoid detection. The problem is you are an elephant and its close to impossible for you to. Let’s just address the chameleon in the…..wait, where it go? No, it’s the Big, obvious, live out loud Elephant!!

Ain’t figured it out yet huh? Still trying to tip toe under the radar and blend in? On the low huh? Like a bull in a china shop but worse an elephant playing hide and go seek!! The more you attempt to just be one in the crowd, you are tearing stuff up. Either way you move it’s a problem when you trying to fit in. This has nothing to do with being a team player. On a team elephants, you ride hard for the crew. It’s when you play with ants that you end up crushing others. Now you feel the isolation because no one wants to play with you.

You are not a chameleon, you are an Elephant. Big, bold, heavy, strong, Loud and wise!!!!!!! You are different and the sooner you embrace your truth, you will stop doing chameleon stuff. Chameleons blend and fall into the scenery around them. Whatever the color, vibe or flow, they change. As often as the environment shifts, the chameleon shifts. From Jordan’s to jeans, bald fades to green hair, you shifting. The problem is, you are an elephant and you are not designed to succumb to external pressures. When backed into a corner, the chameleon blends its colors to the wall. The Elephant backed into the corner destroys the corner and everything in its path. Why are we having this conversation? You tell me.

Elephants don’t wear skinny jeans, ride in Lambos, or juice their leaves. (Don’t be shallow. This has nothing to do with that.)

Here’s the deal. If you spend all your time trying to be loved and liked, you lose. If you waste all of your energy trying to be accepted, you fail. It’s probably just best to be YOU and If they don’t love you the way you are, screw ‘em!!!

Or……….you will keep being “IT” because you can’t hide behind curtains, under pillows, or in small spaces!! I’d rather see you coming through the jungle with your tusk swangin’ and your horn blaring!!! Stomping like a Big Dog!!!!! You ever notice elephants taking the paved roads? Not really!! I like it when they blaze their own trail where there is none!!! Plus chameleons get stepped on sucka!!!! Correction, Baby Bubba!!

In short, since you can’t go to certain places, fit in certain spaces, win certain races, get along with certain faces, JUST BE WHO GOD MADE YA!!!!

I love you with your Big Self!! You should to!!


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