The Day I Turned On Myself

The day they turned the camera on themselves? What a revolutionary moment in time. Who the hell came up with the word, “Selfie!!?” The day the front facing camera was equipped with a viewfinder to capture all that a person sees and then snap!! It’s a moment frozen in time. The camera, wow!!! We had albums of family gathering, school pics, birthdays, holidays and on and on!! To look back and flip through the pages of yesterday is still breathtaking. A moment in time captured is still amazing.

Maybe it’s the age of self awareness that shook us up and declared, “Wake Up and LOVE YOU!!!” We have loving others down pat. Actually to a fault!! But loving you has been the struggle. Who walks around begging others to take a picture of me please!!!!! What you come to understand is, people are absolutely HAPPY as long as they are the central figure and focus in all of YOUR pictures. You look at your film roll and you discover twenty four pictures of things and others and NONE of you. The owner of the camera has become the appointed photographer for everyone else!! You mean to tell me I purchased a camera to take pictures of everyone else?

Game change!!! If you scroll through cameras now, you’ll see the shift in living color!!! Most pictures now include us!!! How are we gonna go to Hawaii, Japan and Indonesia and never get me in a shot?

Not today!!!!!!! I love it when I see it!!! Turn that camera on you!! Snap and flash that flick and make sure you are in it!!!! This is your life and your camera!!!!!!

Some will attempt to suggest that you are vain, selfish, egotistical, and arrogant!! It’s all crap!! People that take selfies have grown to like and love something about themselves rather you like it or not. Me loving me doesn’t require your approval or validation.

Give people a break!! You have no clue what a person has had to work through to build up the courage and love to bust a selfie!!! If I don’t love me, NOBODY ELSE WIL OR CAN!!!!! Let me just ADD, no selfie is PERFECT!! As a matter of fact, they are filled with flaws that you could pick apart or add your negative commentary about AND BE RIGHT!! A mole, a wrinkle, some fat, a missing tooth, a bald spot!! Take your choice but remember a Selfie that you see is not for you. It’s in the eye of the Snapper!!!

If by chance our selfies hurt you or frustrate you, it’s really because of something you are battling with internally. How could a simple picture of me bother you? Figure it out and bust one!!! The liberty is fulfilling!! Free yourself and turn that camera around Baby Bubba!!! You belong in the shot as well!!!!!

Go ahead and snap away!!!


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