Take Me To Your River

All I know is, I want to go. Take me….Please take me to your river.

Your sacred river…Guarded and secure from all the world. Grant me an intimate escorted pass to the place where your river runs. I am limited in my assessment of who you really are. How far and how wide does your river flow? Where does it start and where does it end? Please take me to your river.

Let me drink from your thirst quenching waters and be satisfied. So cool and refreshing are your waters.

Take me to your river. Wash and purge me of all my past memories and pain. Rejuvenate me and give me new life with

your loving waters.

Take me to your river. I want to know what it feels like to be supported, lifted and loved. I want to float on the waves of real love and never fear drowning. I want to feel being totally relaxed and buoyant on your river.

So wide, so vast, so complex is your river that my mistake would be to attempt to get control or try to contain you. You are build to care for me and others bountifully. Your waters are plentiful. My yielding to your river will either be the death or life of me.

Let me dive and explore the depths of your river. Your river runs deep. Unfathomable are the caverns beneath the surface of your waters. I have no clue. I want to swim underwater to understand the real you.

Take me to your river. The water is so clear. The transparency of who you are is breathtaking. You are open for all who care to see and you have nothing to hide. An open book created by God is who you are. From the bank, I can see what looks like the bottom but your depth is so unreachable. Take me please.

Take me to your river. I want to sit and listen to the sounds of your raging waters. What sounds like anger and rage to the inexperienced ear is really controlled purpose and power. I want to sit quietly with my eyes closed and hear the life giving words that your river speaks. The voice of your river is in perfect harmony with the Universe and I adore it. As I listen intently, I want to hear you and you alone.

Take me to your river. I want to observe all that your river gives life to. The birds, the animals, the vegetation, the fish all exist based on the ecosystem that river of Love provides.

I want to go. I want to watch how you loving receive waters from the mountain up above and then unselfishly you allow those waters to flow freely through you to bless others. It’s exactly what makes you a river and not a reservoir. I want to learn to flow with and not against the current of your river.

Grab my hand and take me. Take me to your river.


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