Navigating Unchartered Waters and Territory

Life has been labeled many things, a walk, a path, a calling, a journey, and even a course. They all have a few things in common, a starting point, a destination, and some way of navigating the entire process. The cargo is you. The question is, how do I get me from here to there? Who am I? Why do I want to go there? Where is there and how will I know when I arrive? There are so many questions that have to be asked and answered.

I am learning that no one can answer these questions for you. You have to answer these questions for yourself. This requires some time alone. No one can give it to you. You have to get it for yourself. You cannot simply mimic and mirror what someone else is doing because that is their journey. You have your own journey.

The mistake so many of us make is setting out on trips that were NEVER designed for us or assigned to us. It is the reason why so many are unhappy and unfulfilled. We like to move in crowds and do what everybody else is doing. We don’t stand out this way but secretly blend in with the rest. Our hope is that if I just keep up with the crowd and move with the group, that at some point all of us will cross the finish line together and be happy together. This is not how it plays out.

I thought I’d put it on record for not all, but some, a few of the sticking points along the way, that are not popularly discussed. It’s this issue of what I call unchartered territory.

The definition for unchartered territory is an activity or subject that people don’t know anything about or have not experienced before. Unchartered water has been defined as a situation or circumstance that is foreign, unclear, unfamiliar and may be dangerous or difficult as a result.

If one is to arrive at your appointed destination, you may have to encounter unchartered territory or waters that are foreign, unclear, and unfamiliar. Here is the message: DON’T BE ALARMED!!

When we become alarmed and afraid, we are tempted to turn back. This is not a roadblock but a mile marker that you are headed in the right direction. Turning back is not the answer. We know it’s not the answer because we already know what going back will net us. My answer must be ahead of me.

It’s at this point that we really need to have our “WHY’s in order. Conventional wisdom does not work in unchartered waters or territory. Have you ever felt like you were on course and headed for your destiny on one day and then absolutely clueless on other days? Totally focused on one day but extremely lost the next? When you don’t know where you are and the place is unfamiliar to you, you are in unchartered waters or territory.

This is when you truly need to be crystal clear of a few things. You need to know and remember:

1. Who you are?

2. Where you are going?

3. Why?

One motivational speaker said, you need to get all of your “Why’s” together because at some point you are going to need them. You will need to be able to confidently recite them and remind yourself in the face of fear and danger.

I had to remind myself this morning. I panicked for a moment because I felt like I was in an uncharted territory and waters. I am not where I was but I am not where I want to me and it frightened me. It shook me for a moment I must admit. I asked around and a few people assured me that it happens along the journey.

I just thought I would return the favor and encourage someone who might read this note. Sometimes GOD leaves messages for his children in some of the strangest places and yet exactly where he knows they will get it. It reminds me of people who place advertisements at eye level in the public bathroom and even stool level inside the stall. All you know is you end up reading something right in your face strategically placed there. This is placed a tad bit more in good taste and I hope somebody who needs it, gets it.


If all else fails, remember that God is the God of Unchartered Territory and Waters!! What is Unchartered to you is clearly created by HIM!!

I love you



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  1. Wow is my first reaction. Even at my age I find this helpful in so many ways. Thank you for sharing.

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