What is Your Weight Bearing Capacity?

The plant that I work in is filled with all types of mechanical equipment, computers, and robots. Some of the equipment is designed to lift and transport heavy loads. Without this equipment, the production of our plant would slow down tremendously and in some instances cease all together.

Some things are too heavy for human strength to lift and move with injury. The weight of items are so heavy that a human could be crushed to death. To prevent the danger of injury, every piece of equipment is visibly tagged with a sign that clearly states the “load bearing capacity” of each machine designed to move or lift something. It is imperative that these weight guidelines be adhered to or some product could get damaged, some person could possibly get injured or even worse, it be fatal.

We cannot leave it to the discretion of plant workers to decide how much weight a machine is designed to lift and carry. All machinery has been weight tested and approved to lift certain weight. The weight limit is posted on a sign clearly marked by color and information for all to see. Periodically these machines are tested to make sure they remain in tip top shape to perform.

Again, these weight capacity signs openly declare “HOW MUCH WEIGHT A SPECIFIC MACHINE CAN HANDLE.” Ignoring these signs has actually caused considerable damage to property and permanent injury.

Here is my question. How much can you bear? How much weight can you handle prior to breaking or collapsing? How much can you shoulder before you break down, collapse and become inoperable? What’s your limit? How much is too much?

It would be nice if we all carried signs that clearly marked for us and others our capacity. Trouble, heartache, disappointment, trials and tribulations, backstabbing and betrayal, how much can you bear before breaking?

The short answer is…… we don’t know. The problem with most of us is, we think we know our maximum weight capacity but we truly don’t. Some of us have lived, carried and existed under conditions and weight far beyond what was safe for us to. It has only been by the Grace of God that we have not fallen and been crushed to death by the weight of what we have volunteered or been forced to carry.

What would your sign say? How much can you safely carry without injury to yourself or others? Some people walk around angry and frustrated because they are carrying loads that are too heavy or probably not even designed for them to carry. Only God knows and I think it would be wise to seek God for real clarity. All people are not designed to carry the same amount of weight. You have to distinguish your capacity apart everyone else.

What would your sign say?

Humans are not designed to be pack animals like oxen, camel or donkeys. We are built upright and not designed to carry heavy loads. 1 Pet 5:7 states, “Cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you.” This means that whatever comes our way in the form of “Heavy weight,” God has said, Give it to Him!! This keeps us light weight and able to continue with the daily mission before us. Sometimes it’s important that we learn how to balance the load and equally distribute the weight as well.

It is important the we grow to the level that we can handle more. We want to become bigger, stronger, and faster.

If we can’t handle 5lbs of being talked about, 6lbs of being lied on, 7lbs of rejection and mistreatment, surely we won’t be able to handle 10lbs of anything else. So get your weight up!!!

The strong shall survive!!


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