Is It A Thin Line Between Loving You and Your Anointing?

Respectfully, I grab my writing tool to embark on this journey into the unspeakable space. This is the land where Mufasa tells Simba to never journey and some church folk never visit either. We seldom discuss this stuff in open conversations and it stands to reason, it involves two controversial subjects, Love and Anointing. Separately they stand on their own and demand a semester course on a collegiate level with lab work to boot, but together they might be the equivalent of mixing the devil, a blue dress, salsa, stepping and the waltz together on the same floor. Let’s hope we don’t get turned around.

He, She, you and I have said, I am love with this or that person. Some have publicly confessed an undying love for a person, but the question is, “Are you in love with the person or their Anointing?” It not a question of IF you love but WHAT are you loving? I feel like an unskilled craftsman with precious wood but I will continue carving anyway.
The pendulum of this conversation swings toward two opposite ends, your love for an anointed person or someone’s love for you, the anointed person. The question is, “How do I know if their love is for me or my anointing?”

Anointed people can easily identify it in others touched by the same gift. It’s a little different trying to differentiate between a person’s love for you or your Anointing than it is your fame and fortune.

Anointing is not materialistic. Some of the by products of its effective use are, but fame and fortune are simply that. She loves me for what I can do for her is different than who I am and what it does to her. Maybe I’m digging too deep. Let me digress a bit for the sake of conversation. No need in getting lost or losing someone in the process. If by chance it all gets botched up, just resolve the Wilford was simply working on polishing his literary skills and didn’t quite do it on this one. Hopefully, we will surface victoriously. Later I will ask for commentary and I pray that you will not be controversial but just simply share your convictions.

Let me use a scenario.

The way she sings is breathtaking. I am blown away. At what? The way she is available to God, the way she prepares, the way she yields to the Spirit of God. She willfully becomes a electrical conductor of the Spirit connecting God and his people and that Wows me!!

Maybe it’s what women see in preachers. The authority, the ability to command the call and response of a large body of people. Maybe it’s a ability to communicate an idea and articulate it with such clarity that it is obvious that God has something to do with this. Could it be the way they make that which is difficult look gracefully obvious and simple in its delivery.

It could possibly be your own fears coupled with watching a persons attack of the same thing with the confidence you know resides not in your own heart?

She handles it with God given grace, he fixes it with abilities not acquired by the teaching of mere mortals. The way people love and adore them? The respect and honor given to them as they move about?

Is it just physical features? Can it be more? You notice I’ve changed from statements to questions. I would love for you to chime in in this subject. I think we can together come to some resolve.

Is there a thin line between Love and Anointing??

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  1. Michele Glass-Williamson December 17, 2020 — 11:25 am

    This was an interesting read. I know your question was “Is there a thin line between love and anointing?” What I marveled at was the illumination of the fact that there was and is a line! Also, how one can easily blur the line between love and anointing and the other L word that rests in between. Who said Lust? Did you say Lust? Definitely food for thought.

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