No Victors….


What happened, you caught feelings? No, I caught way more that feelings. I caught future and that is so much deeper. I didn’t just see you in the moment but in my eternity. I placed you in everything that belonged to me for the rest of my life and that’s a bit harder to shake off. No speaking to you for the rest of my life is no where near a real issue. The problem is getting you out my system. Like two pieces of material sewn together, we been ripped apart and the boundaries of the tear is undistinguishable to either of us. Like a shattered glass, who broke my heart? In a millions pieces divided to the four winds by the force of indifference. Who does this kind of stuff? If it were a slight inconvenience I possibly might be able to side step and bury it in a glass of wine and a distraction but you I’ve willfully saturated in the ocean of my soul and even I cannot undo what has been done. What the hell am I gonna do now? When your heart has been stolen, you can’t move on until you retrieve it, it is returned or relinquished. Of course, power like that we would never admit but truth in darkness seems to leave your heart naked and exposed.

I feel like I’m shrinking!!

So what about this empty space. The pain is absolutely unbearable and I hadn’t felt it until now. Like a time delayed capsule, time has decided to release what happened and I wasn’t ready. Just like that, It’s over and for what? A Disagreement? Insecurity? Lack of trust? Shell shocked? Jealousy? Fear? The inability to control? Does it even matter? How can so much go right and wrong at the same time? Have we sabotaged a great thing because it didn’t resemble our past disasters and it was just too damn good, quiet and peaceful? Who won? Nobody.



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  1. get out my head Pastor!

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