I Unfriended You

I Unfriended You…

And you got mad. How can you get mad about “Unbecoming” what you never were? I thought I’d toss around the term in my head, let it come out my pen and onto this blog. It will probably be as irritating as two pennies in a laundry dryer sliding and bouncing around. The sound kills you but hot pennies will burn the hell out of your fingers so just leave it alone for now.

She said, “You have five thousand friends on Facebook.” All five thousand are not my friends. In fact, I don’t even know all of them personally and who said it was ok for FB to change the definition of a real friend? Are you on Social media? Ok, I sent you a friend request, so accept it. Why did you decline my request to be your friend? If you don’t accept me then you are rejecting me.

We live in a world where friendship is not earned but requested.

Its accepted not proven and a request feels more like a demand depending on who sent it.

If you reject my request, I’ll just keep requesting until you accept my friendship. The only way you can keep from accepting me is to block me because a decline of my request was not “NO” enough.

And so friendship is not earned but requested. It’s not proven its accepted.

The request can be rejected but when you are in denial of said rejection, just request again and again. The only way to cease your request for my acceptance of your unproven friendship is to block you and you mad?

Now, you’ve blocked me? I’ve refused you access to my pictures, my random thoughts, travels and an opportunity to comment on all of these at will and you mad?

No wonder you can have five thousand friends on social media, still be lonely, unhappy and have absolutely no one to talk to and confide in.

And when the clanging of hot pennies have almost drove you crazy, here comes this idea of Algorithm. The world’s words irk me. Surreal, organic and now, algorithm. Sounds like an Algebra class that I failed. A way to track things is really a method to control things?

Let me wrap this altogether for you and put a bow on it.

My name is Richard and I have five thousand friends on social media. Friends are not earned but requested. They are accepted and not proven. Requests can be rejected but don’t worry, continue to request until blocked. Blocked means I can’t hear or see you because you don’t exist. If all else fails, trust in the Algorithm that publicly calculates but controls who can be your friend anyway.

You know what, this dryer has ran entirely too long. I’m going to try to find and grab these hot pennies without experiencing third degree burns.

P.s. Thanks for messing up the definition of a friend Mr. FB



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