Love’s Judge

Love’s Judge

I heard both from both sides, both conversations, both arguments. Both cases were argued with a level of intensity that a person witnessing it would think the loser would get the electric chair immediately. As an invisible judge, a court appointed lawyer and magistrate by default, I was forced to listen to both sides. Both Plaintiff and Defendant represented themselves as lawyers. They also served as witnesses and cross examined themselves.

Identical arguments they both presented before the court and jury of three, you, me and he. I thought I’d leak the notes from the court stenographer. It might help.

She came out the gate hard and heavy. “I don’t need you,” echoed the opening statement. “I don’t need you either,” he blasted back. “Before I met you, I was fine,” the second shot fired from the witness stand. “And so was I!!” He returned fire!!

“Believe me, I will be fine after this because I don’t need you!!” “Amen,” he declared while clapping his hands in applause. “And so will I!!” They went back and forth like two opposing war factions fighting to the death of one of them. They were determined that only one would be the victor.

When they both exhausted themselves and rested their cases, I slowly leaned forward in my judge chair, cleared my throat and offered a few words. I simply stated, It has nothing to do with who you can live with. The person you want is the person that you absolutely cannot LIVE WITHOUT!!

If you can live without them, then they may not be the one. LOVE is landing the person that you cannot live the rest of this life without.

Court is adjourned.


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