Smiling in the Dark

Smiling in the Dark

Good Morning 3am life!!
I’ve been here one too many times. It’s the same cafe, the same meal, and the same waitress. She knows my order. Let me get this straight, omelette well done, links, coffee, three hazelnut creamers, sour dough toast, grape jelly, a glass of water, a straw and Tabasco sauce. It’s the same small table in the corner. Some would call repetition boredom but I call it consistency. It’s when you get your mix right, you don’t mess it up. Over years and years of tweaks, you finally got it right. It may not appeal to others and why would it? We don’t love or like the same things and believe me it’s cool!! Do you and I’m gonna do me. I’m not sure why we believe that we all have to love and like the same things. Sushi ain’t my bag baby like grape jelly on sour dough toast ain’t yours!! It’s still groovy baby!! It’s what works for you. Some will leave what they love just because others won’t join them. I on the other hand enjoy the space without the crowd.

It’s early, It’s dark, it’s warm, the covers are right, the furnace is singing its greatest hits, the light has cast a beautiful picture on the blinds as it pushes through to see what’s going on the inside of this room. Mind your business. We are enjoying the pause moment. As I get older, I am learning to enjoy the moments when things stop and stand still. It’s gives you the chance to see things in a freeze frame, life, your health, and the world. You can truly take the time and be thankful for everything in the picture. Things don’t have to be as well as they are and thanks be to God. When you begin to communicate to God in a dark room in bed, you kinda accept that you really do believe he exist or why else would you be talking out loud? I do feel sorry for people who are the complete opposite. They sadly conclude that there is no God, in essence, no quiet convo in the dark? You mean it’s just you? Alone? If I had to depend on mere fallible selfish, greedy, moody, and sleep mortals to be my comfort, I would really have understood what living dead would mean. Now that’s some scary stuff. Somehow in a room and bed all by myself, I am clearly not by myself. His presence does not fill the room around me, GOD’S PRESENCE IS THE ROOM!! (Sorry I had to use the caps on you.) It’s the shape and feel, the warmth and peace, the silence and its song. What is a fish without water? You talking about in His care? We good. You mean to tell me it took this long to find this place? Can you imagine trying to wake the person up next to you and have this conversation? Let them sleep so you can enjoy the moment when everyone is sleep but you and God. Here is where the healing happens. It’s not on the couch of the counselor, it’s in the dark with the Master Architect.
This is where you pull the car in and he puts you on the lift and says, “Let’s take a looky-look!!” This is when you come running in screaming that there in something in your eye and momma says, “Hold still so I can see!!”

Notice, there is no one here to impress, put on for or please? It’s just you in your twisted pj’s, hair jacked, and your covers in disarray. Ain’t nobody trippin. You chillin and I’m proud of you. You ever said to yourself, Man I’m proud of you? Out of all of the hell you’ve been through and put up with, you still manage to smile and shine. Now you smiling in the dark!! You are more hyped in drawers and one sock on than you are when you are dressed!! I think it’s knowing that at 3am, I can relax
and sink into this pillow knowing that I don’t have to work today and that God’s got this thing. Here are three sweet words to whisper while under your covers and reading this, “I’m still here!!”

You ever seen a person laughing with no one around? The world calls them crazy. I think you are crazy when you need the whole world laughing to laugh. I end with the words of wisdom carried through out our years, “you come in this world by yourself and you leave the same way.” I will be well acquainted with myself by the time I ride His sweet chariot outta here!! Me, myself and I will be laughing and riding together on the same seat scooting out of here while others will have to make formal introductions.
Smiling in the dark…



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  1. The part about enjoying the moments. Standing still and just enjoying those moments is everything. Knowing yourself and finding that place is the golden ticket. Very well articulated and very nicely done. 2021 is looking mighty bright.

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