To Write, Bake, Tell Jokes or Not?

I thought I’d write about an idea I struggled with. Maybe I’ll answer it in the form of a question. In the wake of a world crisis, did they stop basketball, baseball, or football? Did the comedians stop doing standup and telling jokes? Did they cease making movies about fun things and love? I’ll never forget when Michael Jordan said, “My gift is to play Basketball not politics.” I believe he was addressing someone who felt he should have be far more involved in the current affairs going on in the world. Should he have left the hard wood floor and picked up a picket sign?
Do you hoop or holler? Bake or bang? Create or curse? Marinate the meat or mass march? Write and encourage or raise awareness and lead a exodus, or do both?
I battle with my own contribution at peace time and even when the world seems at war or in crisis. Should I continue to speak positive and encourage others in spite of what is going on around us?
When I am in a peaceful state, I write better. When chaos and crazy are present, I opt out of writing, unless I choose to write about how I feel in the moment. This might not be a bad idea because it keeps the ink flowing.
Cooks still cook, Bakers still bake, Haircuts are still being given and Teachers still go on teaching. Could it be, that in the mist of all of the turbulence, that continuing to do what we do becomes the safe norm in the midst of unrest? The rest stop exit off of the highway of world chaos? It could be the reminder and hope for those in the unrest to hurry and work towards life back in its peaceful state.
At times, I think we all should stop and give unified support for change in this world. It takes all of us together to bring about change. Playing basketball, baseball, writing motivationally, baking or telling jokes are not denials of a problem or escapism. It’s simply staying in our lanes and making our contribution.
I’m going to keep doing what I do and I hope you will do the same. Let’s help get us through!!

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  1. When the message is loud and clear. Keep doing what you are doing. We inspire ourselves when we do and so many others.

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