Tippy Toes and Porcelain Sinks

What is it about tippy toes and your bathroom sink that has arrested my mind and making me think? I’m visualizing and my ears begin to listen to my desire to sneak up behind you in this position. It’s a long standing premonition in the depths of my desires. Like a burning fire that calls and beckons me and I don’t know why the magnetism is so strong that I can’t be wrong. Do you feel the same way? It’s the picture in my head with you posing like a model, I’m not drawn but led. Drawn could suggest a giant my will but I am the joyful lamb marching to the slaughter.

You standing there and from my point of view it looks as if the lights are positioned like this is a professional photo shoot. I am mesmerized not by how I feel but the way you passionately and purposely gaze into the mirror at yourself. Well damn, I’m in love with how you look at you. I’m not down for a threesome but the woman in the mirror has me re-thinking. Perfection is the goal and poetry is at a lost for words for what is transpiring.
You can’t see me but I can clearly see you. The nape of your neck and spine are exposed by the lay of your silk nightgown. It compliments every curve. It cups and dives into the small of your back. It covers the hill and ends at the base of your stature, only to run out of material by the time it touches the high part of your thighs.
What is it about tippy toes and sinks that make is so sexy? Is it the fact that your hands arms are above your head in such a vulnerable position? I think it’s the side eye view that you give as you look in depth at the work you created. I know you are going to say, “I’m just combing my hair,” but it’s so much more and you probably won’t get this but believe me, any real Man understands my plea.

I can’t resist!! You looked at me through the mirror!! Why did you have to look? I could be arrested because my thoughts, plans and fantasy are all premeditated. My goal is not to interrupt you but to simply enjoy you. I pull up and I reach you before I ever touch you. My second touch is my hands on your hips and I am excited about options. I can go either way. I can swipe up and ride the contour of your hips to your ribs and take the ride around but your would just drop your hands. I know you. If my hands travel down south I am no less satisfied. I’ve quit rollercoasters a long time ago but this ride I willfully take without the safety harness. If I fall, gone kill me!! I’m already in Heaven. Then there is the option to rest my hands on your hips and lean in and go for the good part of your neck but what part ain’t good? If I sink into your neck like Dracula, you are going to want to turn around but that ain’t the play. I didn’t come to interrupt but to assist. I’ll pass the ball and you shoot!! You lean your head back for maximum effect. You know If you touch the sink, life becomes a problem.

It’s the toes that get me. Maybe not a fetish but when they go to the position of tippy I’m gone!! They are reaching, extending and after something that I walked in her to deliver.
Why are we whispering? Why are you leaning into this blog? Why did your breathing change? I may suffer for this through but I had to get this out my pen. You lucky I don’t have a track to lay it upon. Actually I love porcelain, chrome sink fixtures, soft bathroom rugs, florescent lights, soft towels, bubble baths, running water and big mirrors. Most of all I love you.

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