A Kiss I Desire…

Do People Still Kiss?

What do they even call it now? Give me a kiss? Can I have a peck? I want some sugar? Let me have some smooches by chance?

I WANT A KISS!! I mean a real one…

I wanna kiss you until I taste your dreams. I want the flavor of your fantasy to soak my pallet until your hope drips from my lips. I wanna salivate from the juice of your daydream and catch the overflow of your desire in the corner of my mouth with my tongue, glaze and gloss my own lips with it, that my mine might shine and testify of the beauty of your essence. A ripe freshly picked orange from Florida has every right to be jealous. Juicy is your name.

You kissed me and now I’m wide open and exposed. Even when you pulled away I stay in place with my eyes closed tight. I didn’t want it to end. Our kiss felt like we took flight and ended up on some tropical island with a summer breeze, palm trees swinging and you dressed in all white. You held my face tight, kissed me and plunged into my soul. What have you done to me. I am into you but what’s worse is you have taken up residence in me. We share the hint of sweet wine that you sipped from a crystal glass. It’s still on your lips so I drink. The word Permeate cannot explain how far you’ve seeped into my pores. Now I reek of your Love and affection. I don’t know me from you. You have inserted the cassette your sweetness into my life, pushed play and projected your love unto the screen of my mind. I am gone.

When I reluctantly open my eyes, There you are. Staring deep into me like you know what I’m thinking. I’m yours now and I ain’t going nowhere. So close we are. I can feel the warmth of your breath on my face. How comforting it is. Oh how I crave this space and place. Even if but for a moment in time. Please make it last forever.

I’m a little old school and I’m not sure if people kiss anymore. Ive not done a survey but if it’s like anything else, this world has botched that up to.

What do they even call it now? Give me a kiss? Can I have a peck? I want some sugar? Let me have some smooches by chance? I WANT A KISS!!



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  1. Man listen, you can’t drop it off and not give us more. I want and need to know what happens after this type of kiss because for one we getting married if all of this is happening! I was taken all the way somewhere else with this one!

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