Elusive Love

I thought I had love in my grasp and it slipped away. Man o man, I thought I’d secured and locked it down for good. It seems a bit embarrassing and frustrating to admit it but either way its cool. It’s the Giant Fish that got away!! Yeah yeah and sure sure!! Sure did you!! As I stretch out my arms and hands to show you the size, “It was this big for real!!!” Well, where is it? You got a picture of it? Can you show me where it got away! I can’t. Elusive is Love!!!

In all sincerity, as I recite the lines, it seems strange because it’s seems scripted, rehearsed and repeated. Where and why would these words seem like I’ve heard them before but my experience be so new? I start off with, “I promise!! No Lie!! All jokes aside!! I can’t make this up!!! Honest to God!! I swear on my Grandmother’s grave!! From my heart my words feel like an honest introduction of truth but to the listener it might sound like a warning to go put on big tall boots for the deep crap coming or a set up of a snow job. I’m telling you I had LOVE in my grasp and it got away!! The room goes silent so I continue.

Why do I even have to share or prove this? Maybe I should keep this to myself? Somehow I feel as if someone out there will believe me!! Love is really, love is amazing, love is mind blowing and I had it but it got away because……say it with me, “Love is Elusive and Elusive is Love.

Like trying to catch humming bird with chop sticks or a moth with oven mittens. It just keeps getting away. I almost had it cornered. I tracked it, traced it, followed it, studied its habits, visited where it frequented, learned it’s sleeping pattern, and even what it feeds on. I followed its footprint and it led me directly to place where it lives. I knocked on the door but they tried to trick me. Someone said, “Love don’t live here!! But I knew that was a lie!! I crawled through an open window, crept upon it and with open arms I reached to grab it, it slipped away. I was so close to Love but it got away. Why? Because Love is Elusive and Elusive is Love.

Forget about them, You believe me don’t you? I tell you I danced with Love. Vulnerable was the tempo we moved to. Intimate was the melody that held us close together. We both held it together but somehow in the shape of a slippery sphere, fragile glass and unable to grasp, it eluded me.

We hugged and held each other close for long periods and we didn’t let go. Love said she felt safe in my arms. The world seems so peaceful when we shared the same space. Like a hand in glove we fit and belong together.

Like Cinderella, we danced all night until Love suddenly left unexpectedly and without warning. Like the glass slipper left behind, the space in my heart is vacant where Love once reclined. Now, like the Prince in search of his Boo who lost her shoe, I’ve been door to door, placed an ad in the local newspaper, hung fliers and filled out a missing person’s report at the police station. Love got away me. You already know why!! This asked me for information that might help with a composite drawing, but I could be of no real assistance. Based on the information given to the sketch artist, they simply drew my heart shattered into a million pieces.

Someone asked, “Do you have pictures as proof that you had Love? “ I said, “Yes of course!!” I opened my phone and clicked to open the photo gallery. To my surprise, every picture with Love and I posing turned out to be just me in the frame all alone. My arm extended and wrapped around something, but nothing was there. I hurried to my texting history. Surely it would reveal our past conversations and love for one another. Nope, all erased!! It’s as if Love never existed.

Could I have made this whole thing up? Was it all a figment of my imagination? Could I have wanted Love so bad that I fantasized about it until I started to believing it? I would hope not. I had Love, hugged Love, and kissed Love for sure but when I went to hold Love, just like that, it slipped away because Love is Elusive and Elusive is Love.

You ever had and lost Love? Sure you have. I was born the other day but not yesterday.

I love you anyway


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