Yes, You Think of Me…

Yes, You Think of Me….

I love it when she thinks of me. I respectfully recognize how busy people are in a day. From the time they wake up until the time they lay it down at night, it’s busy and I get it. I’m not fighting , kicking, scratching or trying to low key guilt you into giving me time because I recognize you don’t really have it. I do however love that you think of me. When most piss and moan about “no time,” I just love the fact that you take the time and think of me. Above and beyond that, I adore that fact that the memory of “WE” is so strong that in your mind it fights and demands that you replay the video of “US.”

I’m excited just knowing that for eight seconds you played a clip of “US” laughing our butts off about something one of us did or said. Like the ads that force their way into whatever I’m watching on social media, a glimpse, a three to five second clip of a passionate kiss or a memory of me holding you tight with the man force that you love, or even the Audio of words that I whispered to you that really get you going. Like a skilled German Watchmaker, You know I know what makes you tick. I appreciate that you think of me. Im not there, I’m over here but yet you think of me.

Rather you are at the kitchen counter and I slipped up behind you in your blue silk robe and I made you stir quicker, You thought of me. I know you shouldn’t call people out of their name but in the crucial minutes of the championship game, you seem to go the extra mile when I called you “THAT NAME.” I would have whispered it once but you told me say it again. Aw, I see what you like!! I’m a good listener so I accommodate. Remember that? I got carried away with it and you said, “Wait a minute!!” We laughed all night!! What about our attempt at Fifty shades of Gray? That wasn’t a tap. Look it up!! Nevertheless, you thought of me.

On the drive in to work, you thought of me and I am grateful because you need to keep your mind on that which is before you. A lot of bad drivers are out there. Now you look down at your phone and you see my name and I wasn’t there but I know you smiled. Truth be told, you are smiling now!! You prepare yourself before you push the green button and say, “Whatttttttt!!!” while you are Cheezing!! After push the green button, whatever you see makes you exhale the deep low register sigh and your lips part. You are mashing the gas, and the vulnerable, hungry you wants to turn the car around and call in with a toothache but you are fresh out of wisdom teeth. Back to the road your eyes return and my voice over the car speaker system is surround sound and that is not what you need right now even though it’s exactly what you want. Wow, you thought of me…

I am giddy over the fact that you don’t have to, but every once in a while you think of me. Your shower visits are a bit more challenging when my thoughts enter into the shower stall with you. It’s me, soap, thoughts of us and hot water. It feels more like an active, electric African Rain dance in this mofo. I swear I’m looking for the island volcano to erupt at any moment!! It’s enough shower gel slung around here, that from the outside looking in, it looks like an automatic super car wash with the soapy brushes!!! It’s pink and blue soap all over the damn place. Your car is in neutral and you are not in control. Brushes and water jets are spraying and touching you everywhere including your undercarriage. It’s crazy because you can’t see a thing for the soap, the spray and the steam, but you are totally relaxed. There you go and I love it, you are thinking about me.

I know this is wrong and I blame you. You are at work and these people are paying you to advance the mission of this corporation. I know what you are going to say, “I don’t play about my job!! and I believe you. Highly effective you are but in between the team meeting and the list of task to be completed, you think of me and I am flabbergasted. In your element, you are clearly a MOVER and a SHAKER but in the middle of the meeting, you looked down at the phone and it indicates an image has been sent. You don’t want to do this to yourself, plus to open it now might make things difficult for damage control. HR doesn’t have the ability to erase what has already been seen with the unprepared eye. Plus, a picture of a sunrise would be so unethical to some. Rather you opened it or not, you thought of me. I like the way people see you smile and glow. I don’t know, I’m not there and this could be all speculation at this point but at least you think of me.

Even in tough or sad times, you think of me. You know you love someone when you can hear their voice and it brings comfort. I can hear them saying this or that. Wow, that’s deep. Rather you allow me to be a passing thought, a prompt for you to pick up your phone and call, or a motivation to get up and come put eyes or hands on me, I am grateful for it all. People don’t have to think about you but when they do, be honored.

I’m not going to attempt to make you feel bad about not giving me time. I’m not going to beat you up about the lack of attention. My first line when you call will not be, “Good God, I ain’t heard from you in forever and you must be getting it in with someone else!!” That deserves a hang up!! I will simply be glad that you thought enough of me to dial the numbers that connect you to me. When you are good to people, they want your company and attention. I’d rather you think of me and call because you WANT TO not because YOU HAVE TO!!

I’m really just taking a long way around trying to tell you how much I appreciate you for thinking of me. I’m like Biggie Smalls, my number ain’t changed. Same number, same Hood, it’s all good!!

I’m just sitting here thinking about how good it feels to know that you think of me…

I love you


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